The Daily Toy Ritual

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I’m not exactly sure that I would call it a ritual. I guess since Dad calls it that and since Dad usually leads it, ritual is what it is then. But I guess we all play a part in the ritual.

You see, to say that we have lots of toys might just be an understatement. We have all kinds of toys and they are everywhere. However, the “main” toys are kept in the living room in a toy basket. Well, it’s not really a toy basket, it’s really a toy bed. Yep, a toy bed. It’s one of the soft kitty beds that Dad bought us but none of us really seemed to like to lay in it. So, Dad started using it to put our “main” toys in. The ritual is really pretty simple. Every night Dad picks up our “main” toys and puts them back in the toy bed. Then sometime throughout the Dad, usually when we’re bored and don’t have any window whiffs (hint, hint), we take out quite a few, play with them, and scatter them all around. That’s our part. Then after evening playtime, Dad picks them up and puts them back in the toy bed. Pretty simple huh? Dad really seems to enjoy it. We enjoy it too, but sometimes we do it just for Dad. Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it! Purrrr! Zip! Later!

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