Dog Days of Summer, What?

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It’s been so hot lately that Mom and Dad won’t let us have the windows. Without the windows, we are deprived of any serious whiffin’ opportunities.

Mom said that it is hot enough to be the dog days of summer. Just what is that supposed to mean and what do the dogs have to do with it? There are dogs that live on each side of us, wonder if they have something to do with it? Maybe it is just one of those human things. So I looked it up on the interweb. According to the interweb, the dog days of summer refers to the hottest days of summer, but the interweb says they usually start in July. OK, I don’t know who that is either. Maybe it’s like raining cats and dogs. Humans sure say some strange things sometimes. I sure hope it gets cooler soon so we can have our windows open again. Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it! Purrrr! Zip! Later!

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