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I know I’ve mentioned it several times, but Sister Sascha still seems to be pretty intimidated by Sister Zoe. However, Sister Sascha does have a good friend, besides me that is.
Sister Sascha and I get along really, really well. The only reason she seems intimidated by Sister Zoe is that Sister Zoe wants to chase her. The problem is that Sister Sascha runs from Sister Zoe, and of course, Sister Zoe feels obligated to chase anyone who runs. Be that as it may, Sister Sascha and Sister Gracie have really become good friends. It isn’t unusual at all for Sister Gracie to be close to Sister Sascha. As you can tell from this picture, they love to look out the door together. I must say that is a good thing too. Over the weekend Sister Sascha ventured out of her safe spot in the kitchen more and more. She even went upstairs to the Sister Zoe turf and spent a good bit of time up there. Maybe Sister Gracie is trying to teach her by example. We’re all trying to encourage her. Keep it up Sis, you can do it! Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it! Purrrr! Zip! Later!

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7 thoughts on “Good Friends

  1. A Few Good Cats

    Hi there… thanks for linking to us Good Cats. That link is how we found out about you, and we wanted to drop by and say thanks. I'll let the good folks and cats of the Cat Blogosphere know about you next, so they can get to know the 4 of you better. And we'll have our human add your feed to our Google Reader so we can keep up with you. Purrs to all…

  2. Poppy Q

    Hi Brian, Sasha,Gracie and Zoe,
    My name is Poppy Q and I lives in New Zealand with my mum. Nice to meet you guys, and I look forward to hearing about your adventures.

    Poppy Q

  3. Ozark Mountain Cats

    Wow, what beautiful kitties you have. You have a great Kingdom with lots of beautiful sisters. We do think dat you need to adopt a brother, or two. I would lean towards a red headed one and perhaps a panther brother too.

    Giggles of da Ozark Mountain cats

  4. MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~

    Hello you delightful bunch of kitties! How mice to meet you all! A Few Good Cats sent me by to meet you because you are mew and don't have any friends yet….that will change once the cat Blogosphere kitties find you. I hope you are all happy and learn to share the love…
    Miss Peach in the cozy cottage

  5. Everycat

    Hello King Brian and his lovely subjects. Very nie to meet you. Your Kingdom looks like a very good place to live and your subjects (sisters) and you are beautiful!

    Whicky Wuudler

  6. Gandalf and Grayson

    Hello, Brian and Sisters Sascha, Gracie and Zoe! It is very nice to meet you all!

    We heard about you on the Cat Blogosphere in an announcement posted by A Few Good Cats and we wanted to stop by to Welcome you all to the blogosphere and introduce ourselves. We look forward to getting to know you all!

  7. Freya's Staff

    Poor Sister sascha! She just can't win can she? chased if she runs, and worse if she doesn't!

    Maybe she'll get used to it with time…

    I saw you on the cat blogoshpere, so I thought I'd come and say hello!



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