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Where did the week go? There are several things I meant to mention earlier, but I guess I got busy window watching.

First I forgot to mention that the big gray box with the handle came out again and Mom disappeared. All is OK, Dad said that Mom is coming back home today. We all sure missed her, I just forgot to mention it. Also, it was weird yesterday, there was a strange man up on our roof. Yep, really. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t that Santa Claus human because he wasn’t fat, didn’t have a beard and there weren’t any raindeer around. It must have been OK though because Dad was outside watching him. I don’t know what he was doing up there, maybe he was looking for birds. Finally, Mom said that this weekend is Father’s Day. Hmmmm, Father’s Day for what? Anyways, Sister Sascha, Sister Gracie, Sister Zoe and I want to all wish our Dad a Happy Father’s Day!!! Have a great weekend. Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it! Purrrr! Zip! Later!

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