Good News for Gracie

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Boy, where is my memory going these days? I completely forgot to give you a Sister Gracie Update.
As most of you know, Sister Gracie has had problems with asthma. Poor Sister Gracie had to take two different kinds of medicine every day and one of those medicines made her eat and eat and eat. To top it off, they were both pills, and most of you know how well us felines love to take pills. Anyways, good news. Sister Gracie is doing musch better and is almost completely off of all the yucky medicine that she had to take. She just has to have a breathing pill every once in a while now. That is wonderful news. We’re all very proud of her and she worked really hard to get better. She can run and romp and play like normal and she doesn’t have those nasty breathing problems hardly at all. Way to go Sister Gracie!!! Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it! Purrrr! Zip! Later!

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9 thoughts on “Good News for Gracie

  1. The Creek Cats

    So glad to hear Sister Gracie is better and almost off her medicine! Have you tried Greenies Pill Pockets for giving pills? They are awesome!

    Our Maya has asthma too. He only has to take a pill every now and then when he has an attack.

  2. A Few Good Cats

    That is good news! We're glad to hear that Sister Gracie has improved so much. Hoping it keeps getting better for you!

  3. Karen Jo

    Yay for Gracie! It's wonderful that she can romp and play again without breathing problems.

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