The Gray Box

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Well, it happened again and each time it happens we don’t like it. Yep, the dreaded big gray box with the handle came out.

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Mom brought it out last night. She thought we wouldn’t see it, but we did. Every time that big gray box with the handle comes out Mom disappears. Sure enough, she isn’t here anywhere. I even looked under the bed, but she wasn’t there either. I know the routine though. Sometime later tonight I will hear Mom and she will be in the shiny box with lights that sits on the kitchen counter. I’m still not sure exactly how she gets in there, especially with that big gray box with the handle, but somehow she does. I know she is going to be gone for several days too because it was the big gray box with the handle that came out, not the small gray box with the handle because it is still upstairs. I’ve figured that out a while back, the bigger the gray box with the handle the longer Mom is gone. We sure do miss her when she is not here, but Dad will take real good care of us as always. Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it! Purrrr! Zip! Later!

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7 thoughts on “The Gray Box

  1. Confucius Cat

    Thanks 4 the Purrs last sunday. I agree it's annoying when that box comes out. Looks like you're doing what you can to thwart it. I also employ the "pack myself in" method. Luv the titles by the way, Your Highness. Purrs and nosebumps.

  2. The Creek Cats

    Sorry your mom is gone….. We wish her a safe trip and hope she comes back home soon!

  3. Anya

    Hi Brian
    I can see it 🙁
    Vacation !!!!!
    Your Mommy needs that Brian 😉
    Have a great time ….

  4. Shelly

    Oh my…the big gray box is scarey for you, but I thought you were talking about a big gray box with a handle that takes you to the V-E-T!!! Hope your mom has a safe trip!

  5. Karen Jo

    Those boxes with handles are always bad news. I hope your Mom comes home soon, Brian.

  6. The Crew

    (sigh) I feel the same way when our Mom brings out the black box with wheels. Then she goes to visit our human sister and the Blurpy Girl. She even asked me if I wanted to come with one time, but that's where those 2 dawgs live, so I said no.

    Max S.

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