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What happens when the outside comes in? The fun begins!!! It all started when Dad went outside for something. In came a fly. Let the chase begin. Sister Sascha actually saw it first and she chased and chased and chased that fly until she got plum tuckered out.

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Sister Sascha was having such a big time chasing that fly that the rest of us hardly got our turn chasing it. Every once in a while she would take a break and we would get a minute or two of chasing in. But Sister Sascha was getting very tired, I could tell just by looking at her. So, I did what a big Brother has to do. I caught the fly for her. Yep, I really did. I jumped straight up in the air and grabbed it between my two front paws and the game was over. Now then, Sister Sascha could finally go take a rest. For some reason she didn’t seem too impressed, but ya know what? She went a took a well deserved nap. Hey, there’s an idea. Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it. Purrrr! Zip! Later!

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8 thoughts on “Outside In

  1. Alasandra

    Good morning, I am very impressed. I have never caught a fly. I did catch a hummingbird, but my Daddy took it away from me before I hurt it. I think I shall take a nap now, for some reason the beans get up very early in the mornings. ~Scylla

  2. Furkidsmom

    We like flies too, but we really like lizards and they are a little easier to catch!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  3. The Creek Cats

    Oh boy, what fun! We sure hope our humans let a fly in today so we can play play play!

  4. MoMo

    I am very impressed that youi caught a fly. I am too lazy to catch anything smaller than a lizard.

  5. Karen Jo

    Your fly-catching technique is impressive, Brian. It sounds like all of you had a very fun day.

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