Sister Gracie Was Fussing

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Yep, Sister Gracie was fussing, at me, can you believe it. I told her to just calm down and chill out for a while.

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The funny part is that she was fussing over my number one nap spot. You guessed it, I was using the number one nap spot on the back of the couch and she wanted it. I explained to her that I would be glad to let her have it in a little while but I think she thought I was kidding because she fussed just a little bit more. What’s a brother to do? Get up and move, of course, and let the young-un take her nap in the number one nap spot. No big deal, the number two nap spot is awfully comfy too. Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it! Purrrr! Zip! Later!

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9 thoughts on “Sister Gracie Was Fussing

  1. Alasandra

    That's exactly what I do when Scylla fusses at me. ~Socks

    You can share my nap spots Brian. ~Scylla (blushing)

  2. Furkidsmom

    Ellie likes to sleep in whatever spot someone else is using. Sisfurs are hard to figure out sometimes.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  3. ♥Da fambly cat-a-blog kitties♥

    Forrest has whiny sisters, too, and he just lets the ladies have their way…no use in getting crunched with their fingernails! You are a gentle-cat, and a purr-ecious cat.

  4. Victor Tabbycat

    Huh. I don't get it. Why'd you moof? If Nina's where I wants to be, I offer to snuggle an groom. Since I know she don't really wanna snuggle an groom, she leafs an da spot is mine.

    Sometimes I don't really wanna snuggle an groom; I really wanna nom her an restle. She knows dat. If she REALLY wants a spot, she'll lie near me.

  5. Keiko and Luna T. Katt

    wows what a nice brother! I usuallys just lay on top of Luna if she takes my spot hehe

    purrs to you~!

  6. MoMo

    You are such a nice brother, Brian! I am an only cat and therefore has no need to share. I don't move for SS, even in her bed.

  7. Karen Jo

    Grin. When I saw the title and then the picture, I first thought the pillow fringe was Gracie's tail, all bottle-brushy.

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