What Causes Your No?

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No Brian, boy I sure hate to hear that, but sometimes it just happens doesn’t it? So, what causes your no?

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Mine usually happens when I least expect it. No Brian, get off the dresser. No Brian, get off the counter. No Brian, don’t chase Sis. No Brian, don’t scratch the chair. No, No, No. Means Yes, Yes, Yes. Have a great weekend. Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it! Purrrr! Zip! Later!

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11 thoughts on “What Causes Your No?

  1. Everycat

    Last nights NO was "No Whicky! sesame prawn toast is not for cats" The apes may well have been speaking Martian for all the notice I took.

    Toast was good too 😉


  2. The Creek Cats

    We hate to hear the word no too!! Our nos are No, use the scratching post. No, get down from the counter. No, that's my pizza!

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  3. The Crew

    George: We don't hear "No" around here 'cause we're very well behaved

    Mom: That's YOUR opinion

    George: Well Ok, if you want to count when I take your blush brush or when I tip your water glass or one of us scratches somewhere 'cept our scratcher or when I do my water art on the kitchen floor.

  4. peggy and The Cats

    Bob hears no when he chases Babe and Isis is always hearing "No, Isis, quick knocking off all the stuff on the coffee table."

  5. Zoe and Indy

    Everett is learning the word "no" now, he's been showing a little too much interest in Willy, the bird.

  6. Anya

    I also hate it
    Its normal that humans say that always 😉
    have a great weekend all
    Kareltje =^.^=

  7. Keiko and Luna T. Katt

    Thanks for visitings us!
    We has lots of NOs too and are not likeing this word. Usually it means we cannot play with what we want. Our latest NO was whens we jumped up at a big fat flying bug on the sliding screen door and my claw got stucks in the screen and made a hole for more flying things to come insides and play with us.

  8. Alasandra

    I usually hear "NO!, Scylla don't dig in the flowerbed". I would love for you to come help me nap, Brian. ~Scylla

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