The Lone Himalayan by Sister Sascha

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My guess blogger today, because she insisted, is Sister Sascha.

Hello everyone, it is me, Sascha. I’m not used to this blogging thing that my Brother Brian does all the time, but I asked him if I could ask everyone a question. Of course, Brian said no, but I kept asking him until he gave in. I really just have one question. Are there any other Himalayans around out there or am I the only one?

Sister Sascha
Am I the only Himalayan?

It would be nice to know if there are any more like me out there. You see, every day all I see are tabbys, and it is starting to give me a complex. Thanks Brian for letting me ask, see, I told you it wouldn’t take that long. Oh yea, Brother said to remember to adopt cats because we deserve it! I wonder if he just means tabbys?

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20 thoughts on “The Lone Himalayan by Sister Sascha

  1. Furkidsmom

    Mom used to have Himalayans that looked just like you. We're Birmans (and a tubby tabby).

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  2. Daisy

    You are a beautiful Himalayan! I am a Devon Rex, but my brother Harley was adopted from a shelter. He's a cow cat.

  3. Anya

    Hi Sasha
    I love your BLEU eyes 🙂
    You are BEAUTIFUL …..
    Brain must be proud to have such a sisfur :))

    Kareltje =^.^=

  4. Thoughts

    Hi guys!

    We are first time visitors to your blog and we love it! We wanted to come and visit you to say thanks for stopping by our blog and leaving your kind words and prayers for our little Nick who passsed this past weekend. We really appreciate it.

    We hope we can be new friends with you! We are a fat Maine Coon/Tabby and a long hair "Mom doesn't know what" named Theodore and Sasha. We look forward to being new friends 🙂

    Theodore and Sasha

  5. Thoughts

    Oh yeah, one more thing…we don't know any other Himalayans but if it makes you feel better Mom has always said she wanted a Himalayan… :0

    Theodore and Sasha

  6. Amy

    Well, Sister Sascha, you are a beautiful Himalayan first of all. And I know that Melvin is a Himalayan – a small one but a Himalayan just the same.

  7. The Crew

    Sascha dear, your beauty is breathtaking. We're all tuxie cats here, except for George, who's a harlequin. We know there are other Himalayans in our cat blogging community.


  8. Brian

    Hey everybody, it's me Sascha. I just had to meow in and say thanks everyone, I feel much better now knowing that I'm not the only Himalayan. Such nice comments, made me smile so big. Purrs to all of you. Love, Sascha.

  9. MoMo

    Hi Sascha! Good to see you blog once. I only know of the Zoolatry girls in the CB being Himmies, then again I don't know a whole lot of kitties. You are all beautiful lady cats.

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  11. Karen Jo

    You are certainly not the only Himalayan. Others have mentioned Zoey and Maggie and Goma and Melvin. There is also Prince Muddy Paws and I think some more.

  12. Katie and Da Katz

    u is pawsumely bootiful!

    dehr iz other himmiez out dehr… maybe sumbuddy start a about us Himmies blog or sumpin.

  13. Sweet Praline

    Hi Sascha! Come on by and say hello! I'm 1/2 Himmie and 1/2 red Persian, but I look like a Himmie except for no blue eyes. If you will look on my sidebar, there are several Himmies: Goma, Bhu, Melvin, Zoey and Maggy for Zoolatry, Romeo at Peggy's Place, Jasmine (need to click on the translate button to read in English), Muddy Paws, Minna, & Anna and Zuzu at AnnaZu.

    Come by and visit anytime!

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