My Kingly Image

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It is very important, of course, that I maintain my Kingly image. That means I must conduct myself like royalty at all times. Darn, that’s tough!

adopt cats

It isn’t easy sometimes

So exactly what do I mean by that. Well, Mom picked me up today and she put me on her lap and started giving me a chin itchy. Oh my, I just gave in and purred and purred and purred. And smile, oh my, I was smiling so big I just couldn’t help myself. Now that’s not very Kingly. I should have acted like it was a treat for Mom to do that, but no, instead I just gave in to the total happiness of a chin itchy. Oh well, even Kings get to enjoy a chin itchy every once in a while. Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it! Purrrr! Zip! Later!

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8 thoughts on “My Kingly Image

  1. Artsy Catsy

    Oh, King Brian, chin skritches are one way humans pay homage to kitty royalty. I'm sure your mommy considers it a privilege to serve your highness in this way!


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