Plum Tuckered Out

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Sister Gracie is Plum Tuckered Out. Look at this, she is totally exhausted.

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Sister Gracie is plum tuckered out

I’ve mentioned it to you before, but as a reminder, Sister Gracie has asthma. She gets a half of a pill about every 5 or 6 days to help her with her breathing. My oh my, when she gets that half of a pill it makes her very hyper for a little while and she just rips and runs all thought the house. Well, this was exactly one of those half pill days and Sister Gracie did her thing and went zipping all through the house again. And she played with lots of the toys from the toy bed too. Wow, was she wound up today. Then it happened, she unwound and just plain old plum tuckered out. Shhhhhhh, I’m gonna let her sleep for a while, she’s really tired. Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it! Purrrr! Zip! Later!

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5 thoughts on “Plum Tuckered Out

  1. The Creek Cats

    Sorry to hear about Sisfur Gracie having asthma. Our brofur Maya (yes, Maya is a boy) also has asthma luckily he doesn't have to take his pill that often because it is not too bad!

    Sleep well, sweet Gracie!

  2. Amy

    That is too bad that Sister Gracie has asthma – but it is good that she can take medicine for it so she can play. I like that she is plum tuckered out and laying on a plum blanket!

  3. Alasandra

    We are sorry Sister Gracie has asthma. She must have done a lot of playing to be that tired. ~S,S,C & F

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