Chillin Out on Labor Day Weekend

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Well, the humans are at it again. As I understand it, Labor Day is a holiday to celebrate the human worker, so the humans are celebrating it by not working…go figure.

Happy Labor Day Humans

According to what I found on the interweb, Labor Day is celebrated by most American humans as the symbolic end of summer. Maybe that means that it will cool down soon and we can get window whiffin in more often. Anyways, Happy Labor Day American humans and we are all glad you have the day off to spend with us. Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it! Purrrr! Zip! Later!

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8 thoughts on “Chillin Out on Labor Day Weekend

  1. The Creek Cats

    We are celebrating Labor Day by having our humans home. They are waiting on us paw and paw!

    We can't wait till the windows are open and we get to sit in on the sill and smell the air!

    Happy Labor Day!

  2. journey to ivf

    labor days really means our beans need to step it up and work harder to amuse us. right?


  3. MoMo

    No hols for us! Does it mean we are going to have warm weather soon? Hope so, the thunderstorm is a bit dismal

    You and your sisters are all invited to a party at Socks's garden on 9 Sept. It's a belated celebration of my Birthday/Gotcha Day ;).

  4. betty ming liu

    thanks for following me on twitter! and as you can tell from my blog, i love cats too! (have three of them that run my life….)

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