Tiger Watching

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It’s nice to share, don’t you think? We have this big bowl of water on a stand that is in our back yard. Dad keeps the big bowl on the stand cleaned out and full of fresh water for all the outside critters. It’s not uncommon to see birdies and squirrels enjoying the fresh water from the big bowl on the stand. But we really enjoy watching Tiger, our neighbor cat, when she comes to get a fresh drink.

adopt cats
Tiger, the neighbor cat
enjoys a fresh drink

Tiger is an outside cat, not because her Mom & Dad won’t let her in, they would indeed, but Tiger hates it and has a hissy fit if she has to go indoors. So we always tell her to be careful outside. More importantly though, she is always welcome in our yard and she can always come for a fresh drink. We have fun watching her from the window whenever she visits. Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it! Purrrr! Zip! Later!

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18 thoughts on “Tiger Watching

  1. Alasandra

    It is very nice of you to share your water with Tiger, who is a lovely cat.

    Mommy had a cat like Tiger once. He just showed up at our house. Mommy feed him and tried to get him to come inside but he wouldn't. The eldest boy bean named him Peter.

    Silly us we forgot to sign our post. ~S,S,C & F

  2. Gandalf, Grayson and Whitey

    We also keep water on our patio and a bird bath out front for birdies and whoever may be thirty, too.

  3. CCL Wendy

    That's nice of your Dad to keep the water fresh for all the outside beasties. Our kitties love to drink from our birdbath, too, but strangely enough I've never seen a bird in there!

  4. CCL Wendy

    P.S. I forgot to tell you that there are a couple of LOLs; one of Sascha and one of Gracie on the LOLSpot today.

  5. The Kitty Krew

    It's very good of your dad to keep that fresh water out there. Too bad that Tiger doesn't want to be an inside kitty, we hope he stays safe out there!

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  6. Cat of Nine Tales

    Oh, outside kitties make me nervous…even if they don't want to come in. Special purrs for Tiger and all outdoor kitties…she does look awfully cute drinking from the bird bath…Hmmm I wonder if it is bird flavored water??

  7. Amy and The House of Cats

    She is so cute drinking. It is too bad she hates inside – hopefully she will be safe! We will hope that things go well for her!

  8. Anya

    Its always fun to look at a cat in the garden!!
    I do it everyday …
    I always sit for the window and look 😉
    Kareltje =^.^=

  9. Boo-Bah

    It is so nice that Tiger is welcome in your yard, to have a drink of fresh water. I hope she will be safe as an outside cat.

    I love the picture.


  10. Keiko and Luna T. Katt

    I thought Tiger was a raccoon too! Their furs are very similar. We hope she is carefuls outside that is a furry scary place sometimes

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