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Welcome to Monday everyone. I hope you had a very nice weekend, we did. It was a pretty busy weekend too, there was lots going on. I did get to attend Baron Von Cat’s 5,000 friends party, wow, it sure was crowded, I do believe that most of his friends showed up for the tribute. And the Purrs4Peace topic this week was very near & dear to my heart so we all purred extra hard for that one.

Yesterday something weird happened. We were all sitting in the living room early and we heard this noise, it sounded like a scratching noise, like maybe me scratching on the wall, but it wasn’t me, I was laying there minding my own business. Dad hurried up and put on some shoes and ran outside to see what was going on. Turns out it was a goofy squirrel up on our new roof scratching on our new shingle things. Dad said it looked like he was really trying to get something out of the gutter, maybe he dropped a pecan in there since we have a big pecan tree in our backyard. Who knows, but it took off for the trees when it saw Dad. Oh yea, it’s been warm enough for us to get some window whiffies too. I know the window whiffy season is about to be mostly over, but since we live in the south we do get some whiffs all year. Have a great week everyone and we’ll catch ya tomorrow. Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!! Purrrr! Zip! Later!

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12 thoughts on “Mancat Monday

  1. Cat of Nine Tales

    When you said scratching noice, my first thought was mouse…but squirrel is MUCH bigger. The mice and chipmunks have been active at our house because they are getting ready for the snow. We can't seem to keep birdseed in the feeders for more than one day…rodents clean them out. The kitties LOVE IT and love to watch them. Kittie TV! Enjoy your week! ~Lisa Co9T

  2. Amy and The House of Cats

    Wow, watch out with that squirrel – I know that sometimes they can get into your attic and cause problems. But with the new shingles I don't think that will happen – but tell your dad to keep an eye out in case.

  3. CCL Wendy

    It sounds like you did indeed have a very busy weekend — busy partying, that is! Good for you! Did all of your furblings attend, too?

    Yes, those squirrels can drive you squirrelly sometimes! They're relentless little beasts — but we love them anyway — we love all animals.

  4. HubbleSpacePaws

    Happy Monday, Brian!! I have missed you all during the nephew-wedding-cation.

    Sounds like a fine time was had over at Baron Von Cat's place! Any photos???

    Thanks again for passing the love our way whilest we were on hiatus! We'll be back up to speed this week and passing it along in turn!!

    Hugs and headbutts from B'more!

  5. Karen Jo

    I hope that evil squirrel didn't do any damage to your new shingles. They are lots of fun to watch, but they can cause problems, too.

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