Mom’s Home and Gone Again

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Okay, Mom has been gone for a while visiting with her Mom, which is a good thing. Mom came home on Saturday, and we were all very glad to see her, especially Sister Zoe because she likes to snuggle with Mom at night. All of us were super glad to see her and of course, I was first at the door to greet her and welcome her home.

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But I knew that something was up! Mom didn’t put away the big gray box with the handle. Nope, it didn’t get put away at all. I knew it, Mom is gone again, she left yesterday to go on a business trip, whatever that is, but all I know is she isn’t here. Sister Zoe is really confused, but Dad told me it is a short trip this time. So I guess it is up to me to convince the sisters that she will be home before you know it. They don’t always listen to me, but I’ll try explaining it to them anyways. Remember everyone, adopt cats, we deserve it! Purrrr! Zip! Later!

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14 thoughts on “Mom’s Home and Gone Again

  1. Ginger Jasper

    Oh dear you just gt mum back and she went again. At least it is a short trip, she will be home efore you know it.. Hugs GJ x

  2. Alasandra

    We has our paws crossed she comes home and snuggles with you soon. ~S,S,C & F

    Brian, would you like to come snuggle with me? ~Scylla

  3. Shadow / Molly

    Short trips are ok, yoo know like just a few naps and sleeps but anyfin longer and we get upset too. Fankfully dat hasnt happened since we moved here wif the big guy. Brian we is sure yoo will take gud care of yer sisfurs.

  4. The Kool~Kittie~Krew

    We're glad you at least got to see your mommy before she jetted off again! Hopefully she'll be back tomorrow! And, we hope you can get a sec to stop by tomorrow for Skeeter's 13th purrday pawty!

  5. CCL Wendy

    I guess it would be confusing to kitties when they're mama comes and goes like that! You want her home, and that's totally understandable. Hopefully, next time she comes homes, she'll put away her suitcase.

  6. Cat of Nine Tales

    It's always a bummer when your folks are away. I bet there will be extra snuggles in store when she returns. Here is a virtual snuggle from Cat of Nine Tales!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  7. Gracie

    Glad that you got to visit with the mom for awhile but sorry to hear that your mom is off again. Sounds like she will be home soon so hang in there. Snuggle up to her when she gets back.

  8. Amy and The House of Cats

    Brian we hope your mom has a good trip and is home soon!

    And I wanted to let you know we did a quickie about your new blog – we love it (sure it made us cry to think about the kitties who need help but it also made us happy cry that you were helping them out). We hope it gets you a lot more traffic to help more kitties.

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