Remembering Brother Ivan

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Remembering Brother Ivan
Brother Ivan

It was one year ago today, we had a wonderful day and a very fun playtime session and had settled in for a nice nightly sleep. In the middle of the night we heard such an awful scream, it was Brother Ivan. We all rushed to see what was wrong and three minutes later Brother Ivan had crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. He was gone.

I won’t go into all the details of those three minutes, but it seemed more like three hours. My Brother Ivan was the best big brother a kitty could have had. The moment I arrived at my new home my Brother Ivan welcomed me with open paws. I didn’t have the big “break in period”, nope, my Brother Ivan sniffed me, I came out of the carrier, and my Brother Ivan accepted me as part of the family just like that. Brother Ivan was that way. Whenever friends came to visit Mom and Dad, Brother Ivan was there to greet them and welcome them to our home. My Brother Ivan taught me so much and every single day I try to live up to his high standards.

I wish I could have told my Brother Ivan how much I loved him, just one more time. I wish I could have told my Brother Ivan how much I appreciated him immediately welcoming me into the family, just one more time. I wish I could tell him thanks for teaching me so much, just one more time. I wish I could feel him rub up against me as he walked by, just one more time. But I can’t. What I can do is live up to his high standards. I have tried my best, and I have welcomed each new sister the way my Brother Ivan welcomed me. I know my Brother Ivan would be happy that I have made it my mission to help other homeless critters find a home. I love my sisters, lots, but I miss my Brother Ivan every single day. I love you Brother Ivan and I miss you.

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28 thoughts on “Remembering Brother Ivan

  1. The Creek Cats

    We are so sorry about the loss of your brother Ivan. We know you miss him everyday because we miss our brothers Sylvester and Cal everyday. They will always be in our hearts.

  2. Everycat

    Thank you for sharing Ivan's story with us, what a special loving brother cat he was. Don't be too sad, concentrate on the loving, fun times you had. Give your sisters special nose kisses on this precious day.

    Rumbly purrs and love

    Whicky Wuudler

  3. Alasandra

    I know how you feel Brian. I still miss my brother Whiskers. Brother Ivan sounds a lot like my brother. I think we will always miss them and love them but we has enough love for our new family members. ~Socks

    Hi Brian, we are very sorry for your loss. ~Scylla, Charybdis & Fenris

  4. Gracie

    What a beautiful tribute to your brother Ivan. I am sorry that he had to go to the bridge and I know all that his family and all that knew him love and miss him. Keep him close to you in your thoughts and in your heart. I know Ivan loved his family bunches and now is an angel watching over you. Know that someday you will be with Ivan again and will run and play all the day long with each other and friends that have gone before you.

  5. Harry Spotter

    I am so sorry you lost your brother. I know how your feel. I lost my sister who like a momma to me. All you can do is remember the great and loving times you had together. Memories live forever. What a great and loving brother you are. You will see him again and you will be running freee and happy together, forever.

  6. The Kool~Kittie~Krew

    We are sorry to hear your Brother Ivan wentto the Bridge so suddenly. He seems like he was an awesome brother! And, don't you fret, he is watching offur your EFFURYDAY! You are making him SO proud!

  7. Cat of Nine Tales

    I'm so sorry you lost your big brother. It sounds like you made the most of your time together, so no regrets, okay? Besides, if you wish in your hear to tell him those things one more time…you have. You are doing an awesome job living up to his high standards. I'm sure he's proud of you.
    ~Lisa Co9T

  8. Amy and The House of Cats

    This is a wonderful tribute to your big brother. It is so sad that he had to leave so suddenly, and so young. We are sure that he is up at the bridge smiling extra big today at the wonderful tribute you made for him! We are sending you purrs and prayers to help ease this tough day for all of you.

  9. Hyacinth

    Oh, we're so sorry that your beautiful brother Ivan is no longer with you…what a beautiful tribute to your loving brother! We know that Ivan is up there by the rainbow bridge, welcoming all the other furbabies, making sure they're not scared and showing them all the good napping spots and treat dispensers 🙂

    Brother Ivan, please give our angels Poppy and Mooshi a kiss, a hug and a few licks from us and tell them we love them so much…

  10. Shadow / Molly

    We are certain that Brother Ivan looks down on yoo all and smiles! He knows that without a doubt he was loved and dat yoo is tryin hard to be just like he taught yoo's.

    Headbutts and purrs


    Hugs too!

  11. Ginger Jasper

    That is a beautiful tribute ans I am sure that Ivan knows how much you love and miss him.. Hugs GJ x

  12. The Island Cats

    Brother Ivan was a handsome mancat! That was a beautiful tribute to him! We're sure he's smiling down on you from the Bridge…

  13. Cheyenne -Millie

    Brother Ivan was real handsome, and sounds like he was a wonderful fellow! We think your tribute to him is lovely!

  14. Furkidsmom

    Brother Ivan was a handsome ManCat. We know he's watching over you from the Bridge.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  15. Catline Crew

    This was a wonderful tribute to your brother Ivan. Everything you want to tell him he already knows. Keep his memories close to you. We understand how you feel as we lost our little Stubby not quite two months ago.

  16. Poppy Q

    What a lovely tribute to an awesome big brother. I guess he is still with you, looking out for you as angel Ivan.


  17. The Kitty Krew

    This was a beautiful tribute to your Brother Ivan. He sounds like a special cat, we wish we could have known him. Extra special purrrrrrs and hugs to you all.

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew and The Mommy

  18. Robin A.F. Olson

    Aww…how sad! I lost one of my dear babies the day after Thanksgiving. This is a sad time, indeed. Ivan sounded like a lovely soul. I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope that the passing time helps heal and helps you focus on the happy memories.

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