URGENT Please Help Will Find A Forever Home

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Will was hit by a car, was going to be put to sleep, was rescued, got medical attention, is going to be all better, but he really, really needs a forever home (inside kitty status). Please pass this on to everyone you know, especially if they are in, around or close to the Upstate of South Carolina.

We first heard of Will from our new friend Robin in CT, our good friend from CoveredInCatHair.com so what follows in from her original posts (used with her permission) and our dear friend Jenna, the Super Hero who helped Sister Dolly so much.

Robin posted the following on her blog on 11/5:

Greenville, SC Kitty hit by car

help wills please

NEWSFLASH: Injured cat needs help ASAP. I don’t have a way to raise funds since I’m not a non-profit, but I can either ask you to contact me and let me know if you can help out with a donation and we can put our efforts together. I know people in Greenville, who I have already contacted to see if they can get the cat to a Vet now and we can figure out how to get money to them tomorrow (Friday, Nov. 6).

NAME: Will

ANIMAL ID: 9059850

BREED: dsh

SEX: male



HEALTH: hit by car



ADDITIONAL INFO: this cat came in hit by car they believe he is very
friendly despite his face being wounded

UPDATE: needs to leave immediately

Please someone help this kitty out – he was hit by a car and brought to the shelter. What a sweet cat and he needs medical attention badly. If you can help, your contact is Andrea at animalcareservices@greenvillecounty.org.

If you can’t rescue yourself, please cross post widely and let’s get this baby some help!

Then we saw the 1st update from Robin also on 11/5:

Tiny update: I just emailed Andrea to ask her to fill me in on what Will needs and if he can recover from his injuries. I’m also looking into having one of our rescue friends set up a ChipIn widget to collect funds. Stay tuned-more things will be made clear tomorrow and I will update you as soon as I know more. Until then-thank you for the ReTweets. Getting the word out is VITAL to help save this guy’s life.

Then the 2nd update on 11/6:

I just heard from Jenna in Greenville, SC. She’s the one I took six kittens from last month. She has contacted Dr. Anderson, of the Cat Clinic of Greenville (who cared for the kittens before I got them) and she is willing to take WILL as soon as they can make the arrangements.

This is all hinging on hearing back from Andrea, who is the contact person regarding Will’s care. Once she gives us the OK, Jenna will transport Will to Dr. Anderson. When I find out what Will is going to need for Vet care, I will be posting a request for donations to help him out.

More on how to help Will, once we hear from Andrea and get Will to see Dr. Anderson.

Then the 3rd update on 11/6:

Will is going to be picked up in an hour by Dr. Anderson! The poor baby has had to wait this long to get any medical care. What a crime this is!!!

I’m VERY GRATEFUL to Jenna for getting the ball rolling and to Dr. Anderson and her staff for being willing to take on this homeless patient.

Later today I hope to get more information about Will’s injuries and what sort of financing we will need to put together for him. Also, more than anything, Will is going to need a FOSTER HOME or RESCUE GROUP to step up to take him once he is stable. Again, when I have more information as to his condition, needs, prognosis I’ll ask you guys to really PUSH the word out there so we can help this little fella out. Thank you all, again for your care and concern for Will.

Then the 4th update on 11/9:

Will, the poor little cat who was hit by a car on Friday, is doing well. His Vet and caretaker, Dr. Anderson said that the swelling around his eye is improving and he shouldn’t need corrective surgery. He has a cut on the inside of his mouth and no other injuries. Though the Dr. is fairly sure this was from the impact of a car, she can’t rule out that Will wasn’t hit by a person. It’s a sad fact that animal abuse happens and Will might be a victim of that. We’ll never really know.

What we do know is Will is going to be neutered this week! He already has his shots on board, had his “combo test” for Feline Leukemia and FIV. He failed each test beautifully! With de-worming and a dose of Revolution, Will will be ready to be adopted as soon as late this week!

We’re having a tiny technical problem getting Will’s ChipIn widget up and running. He won’t need much in donations, so this will be an easy save for us! I hope you guys can help out once we’re ready.

What Will needs more than anything, is to FIND A FOREVER HOME or to be taken in by a rescue group. Though they prefer he stays locally, Will can easily be transported anywhere in the Northeast and outside of that, transport can be arranged, as well.
I’m told that they don’t get any sweeter or more friendly than Will, so if you step up, you’re getting a marvelous new friend! Later today I should have updated photos of Will to make it easier to get the word out and for his new family to fall in love with him!

Now then for the latest

please help me

Will is also listed on PetFinder.com

The nice and wonderful ladies at Kat5Rescue (@Kat5Rescue on Twitter), using ChipIn, were able to raise the needed funds for Will’s medical bills, they are SUPER HEROS!!!

Jenna, the wonderful lady who help out Sister Dolly, has been working real hard to help Wills from the start of this. Jenna is the one who took him to the Cat Clinic of Greenville and Dr. Anderson there has been caring for him. Dr. Anderson says that although the side of his face has been hit and his eye is quite swollen and the top of his mouth has a cut inside, he is on antibiotics and should recover to be 100% in about a week or two. Jenna tells us that he is beyond a lovebug, and believe me, she was absolutely correct about Sister Dolly too!

Tell everyone you know and let’s find Will the purrfect forever home! Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!! Purrrr! Zip! Later!

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12 thoughts on “URGENT Please Help Will Find A Forever Home

  1. The Kool~Kittie~Krew

    OMC!!! Will is a gorgeous little man. That is such a shame he was hit by a car. But an angel came to help him. We are PURRAYING furry hard that he ends up with a wonderfurl furrever family and home…SOON!

  2. Everycat

    Poor Will! I hope he is adopted by a loving family soon. Props to all who helped him 🙂

    Whicky Wuudler

  3. The Creek Cats

    Bless heart! We are purring and purraying very hard for Will to find a new loving forever home. Bless all of those wonderful people who have helped him recover!

  4. Gracie

    I will pray as hard as I can that Will can find a forever home. The mom is typing through the tears as she read about him getting hit by a car. Will even keep my paws crosses about a forever home too.

  5. Sweet Praline

    I am purring really hard that Will finds a great forever home soon. What a wonderful vet Dr. Anderson is!

  6. Karen Jo

    I really hope that Will finds a forever home very soon. Lots of respect to all the people who helped him survive.

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