Looking for Santa

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Okay, you know sometimes when you mention something you immediately wish you had just kept quiet? Well, I should have kept quiet, at least for a little while longer. You see, my three youngest sisters (Gracie, Zoe & Dolly) have never had a Christmas before, and needless to say, they were totally unfamiliar with that Santa human too. Well, I was telling them about the Santa human and how he brings toys to us if we are good. Sister Gracie won’t give it up, she keeps looking out front to see if the Santa human is here yet.

Looking for Santa
Looking for Santa

I keep telling Sister Gracie that it is way too early for the Santa human, but does she believe me, nope! I have to remind her that it is too early every time she goes to the front door to look out. She told me she wasn’t taking any chances and that she wanted to make sure that the Santa human knew that she has been good. I told her that there wouldn’t be a doubt in the Santa human’s mind, because she has been very, very good and he knew that too. Oh, there she goes again, gotta go talk her down again. Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!! Purrrr! Zip! Later!

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19 thoughts on “Looking for Santa

  1. Catherine

    So sweet those little cuties watching out the window! It never hurts to keep peeking out ~ you never know when Santa might happen to be walking down the street on his way to the Shopping Mall ~ so many Malls to visit ~ so little time! ha ha!

  2. Alasandra

    We watches for our Daddy to come home. We have never seen Santa. We thinks he has BIG Magic, that allows him to deliver presents without being seen. ~S,S, & F

  3. Furkidsmom

    We're watching for Santa too! We know that Sister Gracie will get lots of toys and treats from Santa!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  4. Cindy

    They looks so sweet waiting for Santa! At least they'll keep out of trouble just sitting there looking out the window.

  5. CCL Wendy

    What an adorable picture! This could certainly be a Christmas card. You should make it into one for next year, if you don't have time now.

    Yes, it's going to be so exciting for all your little ones! Wait until all the paper and ribbon comes off the presents, too! Better than the actual gift! What fun!

  6. loki

    Did you see Santa? Your decorations in your house are so cute! Please tell Santa to stop over here!


  7. Kat_RN

    That is just plain cute. Thanks for sharing,and tell her all cats are good, just because they are cats.

  8. Zippy, Sadie and Speedy

    Oh da young'uns is always impashent. Wait, how many more days 'til Krissmouse? Oh man, hurry up and get here already!

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