My Third Anniversary Gotcha Day

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Wow, it sure is hard to believe that I have been in my forever home for three years now.  The picture of me is my first day in my new home.  Can you tell I was happy or what?  After all, when I was rescued from a Christmas tree farm, I lived at PetSmart under the care of Kitten Action Team for eight whole months.  I didn’t think I was every going to get my forever home.  I was adopted once, but they treated me mean and the ladies at Kitten Action Team came and took me back.

When I was first adopted, at my new and permanent forever home, I had a wonderful brother named Ivan.  I know I’ve told you about him before, but he welcomed me in the first minutes of my arrival and no other break-in period was needed.  My brother Ivan had just lost his brother Moses and it was important that we hit it off…and boy did we ever!  We then adopted Sister Sascha.  Then my brother Ivan went across the Rainbow Bridge unexpectedly just days before Thanksgiving, and I miss him each and every day.  We then adopted sisters Gracie and Zoe, and not too long ago we adopted sister Dolly.

Three years, wow!  We’re going to have a little private celebration tonight for my Third Gotcha Day Anniversary, but most importantly, I am still so very happy that this one was it!  Hey, remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!  Purrrr! Zip! Later!

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36 thoughts on “My Third Anniversary Gotcha Day

  1. Catherine

    Happy Gotcha Day Brian! It sounds like you had a pretty hard start in life but how lucky you were to find the most purfect loving home. I wish all animals could find such a loving home as you.

    You have a most wonderful day celebrating! Don't have too much catnip! ha!

  2. Zoolatry

    What a wonderful day that was for you, and for your family! Truly a time to celebrate…
    and by the way, we wish you and yours a very Merry Meowy Christmas.
    Your friends, Maggy & Zoey, Zoolatry
    PS we gots you on our blog today, how
    appurrpriate is that?

  3. Cat with a Garden

    Happy third Gotcha Day, Brian!
    What a rough start to life but you found a superb forever home now. Celebrations!

  4. The Creek Cats

    A Furry Happy Gotcha Day to you, Brian! We are very happy you were gotcha'd into such a wonderful home the second time around!! We are so glad the ladies at Kitten Action Team saved you from your first owners and found you the purrfect home! We really hope you have a super special day!

  5. Confucius Cat

    HAPPY GOTCHA DAY!!!!! You do look very pleased and contented in that photo. So glad you found your forever home and that it is so wonderful. Purrs of love to you and your family.

  6. Alasandra

    Happy Gotcha Day!!!!!! No wonder you love the Christmas season so much. ~S,S & F

    Brian I'll be right over with some nose kisses and head butts. ~Scylla

  7. Harry Spotter

    Happy Gotcha Day Brian..3 years. I am so happy for you and your family and YOu look very happy under that tree. I hope you and your brothers and sisters, mom and dad have a very Merry Christmas and a Joyous New Year!

  8. pcat

    Hello Brian, you look handsome under the tree!
    Peaches lived at Petsmart for awhile too, rescued from animal control, she has a soft spot for rescue kitties!

  9. Amy and The House of Cats

    Happy Happy Gotcha Day Brian! That is so wonderful – three whole years! You really did find the perfect family for you!

  10. DEBRA

    A furry happy HAPPY Gotcha Day Brian. YOU are one of the lucky ones,like all of us on the CB who have found our over the moon happy forever homes. Many many more gotcha days celebrations to come to you!

    merry purrs
    Abby the manx

  11. brandi

    Happy Gotcha Day! Happy furrever home celebration! I love the picture of you under the Chrissymouse tree! You look like a Chhrissymouse card!

  12. cclark0412

    Brian, you look so happy! Yay for your forever home, what a happy ending & now you have all sorts of siblings – fun!

    Nico, Austin & JayJay 🙂

  13. CCL Wendy

    Happy 3rd Gotcha Day, Brian! Boy, am I ever glad your beans gotcha'd you, 'cause it sounds like you had a real hard time before that! Ivan sound like a lovely kitty and we're sorry he's not around any more. You have a whole passel of new furblings, though, to keep you company — even if they are all girls.

    You look like the Lord of the Manor under that tree — it seems you knew from the very first day!

  14. Gracie =^o.o^=

    A big Happy Gotchaday! You are the purrrfect present to find underneath the tree. I am so glad that you have a forever home and you just needed to wait for this wonderful family to be there for you to pick.

  15. A Few Good Cats

    Bravo, Brian! Happy 3rd Gotcha Day from all of us Good Cats… may you and your human staff have many more happy years to come.

  16. Zippy, Sadie and Speedy

    Happy Gotcha Day Brian and a squillion more! We'z thankful fur da Kitten Action Team dat took care of yoo until yoo could get to yoor true furever home.

  17. The Crew

    Well, Happy Gotcha Day, Brian…and many, many more. We're so glad you and all your sisters found your forever home.

  18. Jana

    you look very cozy! glad you found a great home despite all your struggles to get there… you know what they say, "good things come to those who wait!"
    merry xmas!

  19. Hyacinth

    Happy Third Gotcha Day! Sounds like you waited patiently until you found the most perfect forever home! So glad that you have such a lovely home and such lovely siblings! Sending hugs and purrs your way 🙂

  20. Deb Harvey

    Happy Gotcha Day, Brian, and Merry Christmas! We are so happy that you found such a loving home!

    Sending hugs your way!
    Rudy and Oppea

  21. Milo and Alfie

    Happy Gotcha Day anniversary Brian. We are so pleased yoo found the right forever home. Enjoy.

    Merry Chrismouse to yoo and yoor fambly!

  22. Anya

    Happy Gotcha day Brian 🙂

    Merry Christmas
    and a Happy & Healthy 2010
    for you and your family 🙂
    Enjoy your holidays ….

    hugs from
    Kareltje =^.^=
    Anya 🙂

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