Snuggle Season Part Deux

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Okay, just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water…oops, wrong movie. Just when we got used to window whiffies again the cold and rainy stuff came back and we are back to snuggle season once again.

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Snuggle Season Part Deux

Mancat or not, I got cold, and I just decided to wrap myself up in the nice soft towel on the deacons bench. Now that was much better too, I didn’t even care if Mom came around with the flashy box. Dad wanted to know exactly how I managed to wrap myself up like that. It really felt so good and I was there for the longest time. We live in the south and it is supposed to be warm isn’t it? Oh well, I know that there will be other days for window whiffin and I suppose there will be other days for snuggling too. The good news is I am prepared either way. Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!! Purrrr! Zip! Later!

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17 thoughts on “Snuggle Season Part Deux

  1. CCL Wendy

    You look so comfy, cozy Brian! A mancat can do just about anything including wrap himself up in a towel. No wonder you didn't want to move.

  2. Sammy and Andy

    Mancats need warmth too!!!! You are a handsome dude, Brian, and we love your photo. purrrrrrrssssssss

  3. The Kool~Kittie~Krew

    WOW, purple is a really good color for you! Goes nicely with you gorgeous furs! Stay warm buddy!

  4. Gracie =^o.o^=

    Stay warm sweet one. Fur or no fur we can get cold for sure.
    Do you have information on your donation for the furries? The mom wants to send some gifts for the kitties.

  5. Glogirly and Katie

    You've definitely got the towel-wrap thing down, Brian! You wouldn't believe what I go through up here in the north!!! Crikey, it's COLD! And it's always a showdown between Glogirly & Gloman at the ole thermostat. One likes it cold and one likes it warm.

    (Glogirly's cat)

  6. Gracie =^o.o^=

    Thanks for getting back to me. The mom said we would make a donation, she is going to check things out later in the day. I put up a thingie on my sidebar so my friends will know about it and maybe go over to donate too. This will be great to help those needing it. How fortunate we are to have a forever home and all the love that goes with it. This is for sure the time of year to help others know that we care.

  7. Amy and The House of Cats

    Brian, your dad isnt' the only one who wonders how kitties manage to wrap themselve up so nice and toasty – I always do that too! You look really cute in that purple towel though – it is nice against your furs!

  8. Alasandra

    Oh Brian, I am coming right over to snuggle with you. I loves to wrap myself in blankets and I can't think of anything nicer then being wrapped in a blanket with you. ~Scylla

  9. Catline Crew

    We think you are a very smart cat to wrap yourself up. We just try to dig under the pillows.

  10. HubbleSpacePaws

    Hmmmm…. getting colder here too! Wonder if Grey or Percy would be interested in some mancat snuggles under the covers??? You're an inspiration, Brian!

  11. Karen Jo

    You are very smart to wrap yourself up like that, Brian. Herman hasn't done anything like that yet that I know of.

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