Tabby Tuesday

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Okay, I admit it, I was wrong.  Hey, it happens every great once in a while, but the mancat thing to do is just fess up.


When our Christmas tree disappeared and this new recliner appeared, I really wasn’t overly happy because we all liked the tree so much.  Okay, it really isn’t a new recliner either, but it is new to the living room.  Anyways, Dad told me to give the recliner a chance.  I couldn’t imagine that I would like it at all.  WRONG!  Wow, is it comfy cozy!  As you can see, I have not only adjusted to the recliner, I guess you could say I’ve adopted it.  It really is purrfect for nap time.  Granted, it is not nearly as pretty as our Christmas tree, but it certainly is useful.  Oh, I would share too, but nobody else seems overly interested in it, at least right now.

Don’t forget, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!  Purrrr! Zip! Later!

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30 thoughts on “Tabby Tuesday

  1. Jacqueline

    Brian you look very comfortable in your chair fit for a King!…Love that belly!!…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  2. Furkidsmom

    We think that was a pretty good swap for the tree! We would prefer the tree too, but a good nap place is always appreciated.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  3. Cliff and Olivia

    We just knew you'd like it in time 🙂 It may not be as pretty as your tree, but it looks very comfy.

  4. The Kool~Kittie~Krew

    Awww, you look PURRecious laying in YOUR recliner (well, since no one else wants to join you). And still…you all seem to know when we come to visit, because we've YET to see you on your cam!

  5. loki

    Brian, mancat deserve his own recliner, it should be the rule and also have total control of the TV remote.

  6. Jan's Funny Farm

    Sometimes dads are right.

    We don't have your email address, so we came by to thank you for your kind words when we lost Crystal. We really miss him!

  7. Amy and The House of Cats

    WE aren't surprised that you like the recliner so much – they are usually very comfy. But don't forget that the tree will come back next Christmas, so you will get to see it again too!

  8. Hoshi

    hahaha!! that's one great shot!
    I know Brian,, Amanda loves her tree too, and she was so upset when the tree was gone 🙁
    Enjoy your nappy!!

  9. Hyacinth

    Brian, my boy, I think the recliner is much more comfy to sleep on than the Christmas tree 🙂 Glad to see you're enjoying your new napping spot 🙂

  10. Name: Mr. Hendrix

    It is very mancatly to admit when one is wrong, but I can't think of a better thing to be wrong about! That recliner looks nappylicious. I hope no one ever wants to share with you so it'll always be your special spot.

  11. Glogirly and Katie

    You mancats and your recliners! I don't think Glogirly would ever allow Gloman to have his own recliner. So there's no recliner in my future either. I do see your point… my Christmas tree got replaced with a lamp. A LAMP. Sheesh.

    (Glogiry's cat)

  12. Eric and Flynn

    We love our recliners too. Mum put padded throws on them to keep our furs off and that makes them even more cosy.

  13. Prints the Cat

    Wow, sure looks like you're enjoying that recliner! I guess you've adopted it for yourself!

  14. Deb Harvey

    You do look comfy in that great recliner! Rudy and Oppea miss the tree too, but not as much as Rory. She used it to scratch her back a lot.

  15. Cory

    Got to be careful…you are sleeping quite close to the edge of the comfy chair! Sometimes when we do that we roll off!

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