T.G.I.F. The Group

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Today T.G.I.F. stands for The Group In Feeding.  Dad fixes us a little bit of wet food for breakfast and for dinner every day.  You can’t tell we are a wee bit anxious can you?  Four out of five are getting impatient and Sister Sascha is just out of view of the camera.


Weeee Oooooo, has it been a busy week or what?  It seems like the we’ve been doing holiday things for a while so this really will be the first non-holiday weekend of the New Year.  Y’all got anything special planned?  We don’t,  we’re just going to hang around and do what we do best…you know, nap, play, eat, etc.  We’ve got to make sure that our New Year gets off to a good start.  Don’t forget to join us for Purrs4Peace on Sunday.  Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!  Purrrr! Zip! Later!

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30 thoughts on “T.G.I.F. The Group

  1. Catherine

    I am thinking you all are having the same kind of weekend I plan on having! A lazy cozy weekend! Purrr to you!

  2. The Creek Cats

    This looks like our house at feeding time!

    This weekend our humans will be traveling to pick up our former fosters who were adopted back in October. The new owners said one of her children is allergic and must give them back. Please purr they find a great new home together furry soon!

  3. Cat with a Garden

    Rumor goes we'll be getting raw meat tonight again. Yum! That makes us very anxious too. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. SuziQCat

    We get the stinky stuff twice a day too, and swarm around waiting while it is made. We are looking forward to a relazing weekend too, with nothing planned!

  5. The Kitty Krew

    We haven't had stinky goodness in awhile (we don't get it often), so maybe we'll get some this weekend. That would be good! 😀

    Enjoy your lazy weekend!

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  6. Alasandra

    Brian, thanks for inviting me to come over and snuggle. I'll be there in just a second. ~Scylla

    We are impatient about our foods too. ~AFSS

  7. The Kool~Kittie~Krew

    You all look so cute waiting for your NOMS! And once again, each and every one of you seem to avoid that Cam when we come on! Mom's gonna squeeeee the day she sees someone on there! Tonight is movie night and our Dad's beloved Dallas Cowboys (mom says yuck) is playing the first play-off game tomorrow night at 8:00, so a couple of the bean furriends will be coming over. Then chillaxing on Sunday! We hope you all have a great weekend!

  8. JB's Big and Small Worlds

    OMC, that looks just like our house at feeding time! 4 of 5 of us like wet food. Chester has not had a bite in his life and he does not know what he is missing!

  9. Amy and The House of Cats

    Oh that looks so much like our house at dinner time. The only difference is we have a tiny (well, not so tiny anymore) whiner on the kitchen table.

    We think your idea for the weekend sounds good – we wish we could do that but it is a cleaning weekend for us!

    Stay warm!!

  10. Anya

    I am always alone at dinner time!!
    Your idea for the weekend is UNIQUE 🙂

    Have a relaxing weekend ….
    Kareltje =^.^=

  11. Cliff and Olivia

    Looks just like our place at feeding time! It's a great picture, we only wish it would have had sound too (feeding time is noisy at our place even though there's only the two of us).

    Your weekend plans sound just like ours – great!

  12. wildcatwoodscats

    Every morning we follow Mom bean around until she give us food. Us cats can be persistant! Happy Weekend!

  13. Noll's Nip

    Why does it take beans SO long to get that stinky goodness out of the can and into our bowls!

  14. Cat of Nine Tales

    Stinky goodness is only a once or twice a week treat at our house. Since I'm the one who dolls it out, I'm very popular when I get home from work. I like to keep my kitties guessing, but they might figure it out that they only get it when all the doggies (that's 4 of them now) are out with DP. I love to see all the attention Dad is getting at your house!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  15. Catline Crew

    We like you T.G.I.F. picture. We start licking Mom's leg if she takes too long with our food.

    We're still doing a little bit of holiday stuff but we are looking forward to next weekend.

  16. Cheyenne -Millie

    We all get excited at feeding time here!

    Our weekend will be quiet. My mom has to go back to work on Monday after three weeks off… mom is feeling depressed about that.

  17. loki

    By looking at the photo, I can say for sure that your Daddy is probably a great cook! Wishing guys a great weekend!


  18. Eric and Flynn

    We get like that when we are waiting for our food too. We won't be doing much over the weekend apart from keeping warm.

  19. Puddin

    Group feedinfg time looks kinda intnense. I'm nervous how my household will be with multiple cats. I dont want anyone getting bullied. Looks like you all have things under control though! Chow time!! 😀

  20. Hoshi

    Hi, first time to drop a comment, great blog!!
    Pictures are so cute : )

    I have a tabby cat too, her plan for this weekend would be,,,, nap, play, eat, nap, play, poo, eat, nap……

  21. Your Daily Cute

    I'm like you… I can't wait to sit around and do NOTHING all weekend. I even took Monday off, so I can do nothing for a 3-day weekend! 🙂

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