Grayson Found a Home UPDATE

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Mr. Gray Needs a Forever Home

UPDATE:  Great News! 

A woman who lost three "old" Maine Coon’s wants to adopt him.  She is 51 and her husband 53 retired stay at home, no children, no pets and they LOVE kitties.  Does it get much better than that?????

Thank you Thank you for all your help.

Taylors, SC – Grayson knew his mama was old and I guess was hoping she would live forever but at 92 she passed on. Her dying wish was that someone would be able to take him and give him a good home.

Nobody wants me because I am three years old and everyone wants a kitten just cause their cute. I am a huge handsome boy long-haired and a gorgeous shade of silvery gray. I will follow you wherever you go like a doggie and wait for you to sit down so I can come sit on your lap with you. I love to be brushed which I have to be with my beautiful long hair. I need to be an only kitty because I am a dominate boy. I have been neutered and given all my shots.

My time is running out where I am and I don’t think I would fair very well at the pound. Please call Carole Henderson for more information at 864-630-2872.

Please let all your kitty loving friends know about Grayson.  Thanks.

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35 thoughts on “Grayson Found a Home UPDATE

  1. The Kitty Krew

    Ohhh, we're so happy to hear this news! Grayson is a handsome kitty and we just know he'll adore his wonderful new home. Yayyyyy!!!

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  2. T

    awwww how nice to hear! If you guys know anyone in the NYC area looking for an adult female long-haired cat, please spread the world about Calamity – you can read more on the I HAVE CAT Fan page….

  3. Beth

    What a happy ending for Grayson! He is a gorgeous boy and deserves the best….like you say, Brian, adopt cats…we deserve it!

  4. William

    What a wonderful ending to a sad beginning. I bet his other mom would be very happy with the news. (Or maybe she already knows!)

  5. Amy and The House of Cats

    This is such awesome news! I was really hoping he would find a wonderful home (seriously if he hadn't by the end of today I was going to be contacting them tomorrow myself – he is lucky to be saved from being chased by crazy Barney and Virgil!)

  6. Robyn

    Wow! I get a day behind in my blog reading, and Grayson finds a home before I even hear about him. That is AWESOME!

  7. Love Meow

    That's pawsome news :). My kitties and I are sooo happy for him. YAY! (we are jumping up and down now)

  8. Inigo Flufflebum and d'Artagnan Rumblepurr

    We're so glad this little guy found a home, we were really worried for him. What a sad story.

    Mummy and daddy are making sure we're taken care of if anything ever happened to them, even though they're still young humans. Stories like this one remind them how important it is. Thanks Brian.

  9. MoMo

    Wooooohoooooo, this sure is the best news for the day!!!! Do you think Grayson's new parents would consider helping him to blog? Do put it to them and show them the big interest Grayson has sparked in the CB.

  10. Esme

    I am so happy for Grayson-I hope he learns to blog.

    the kitties say thanks for the vote-they thought they would celebrate with a sip of wine-but I said no given they are underage.

  11. Hansel

    hurrah for grayson! we are very happy! and btw, we are ALSO very happy with the photo of dolly below. 🙂

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