Sometimes Humans Need Help Too

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Believe it or not, humans are not purrfect, no matter what they tell us!

This is Shelly, and her Mom is helping her raise money for the American Heart Association for their upcoming Start! Heart Walk.

You can visit Shelly’s Donation Page Here or by clicking on her picture.

Shelly’s Mom is a special purrson too!  She is a total kitty purrson and is a regular reader of our blog and a good friend of Dad.  Shelly’s Mom is Carol, and she once sent me home a big bag of toys, just because she could. Is that cool or what.  If you’ve been following my blog for a while you might remember these, but here are some pics from when she sent my gifts home with Dad.







Carol is a very nice human purrson and Shelly is a very special kitty for wanting to help lick Heart Disease.  Shelly, Carol and all the humans they can help thank you for anything you can give!

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8 thoughts on “Sometimes Humans Need Help Too

  1. Cat of Nine Tales

    Wow! Shelly is beautiful and who doesn't love a cat person?! Good luck to her with her cause.
    ~Lisa Co9T

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