Summer Photo Challenge

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My friend Kat_RN over at Kats Corner  has a beautiful blog. If you haven’t visited her, you should!  Anyways, she issued the following challenge:

“…post your favorite spring or summer photo to your blog, that’s all. Easy stuff. Come on, show me. There aren’t any prizes, I just want to see your favorites.”

Here’s one of my favs…

Serious Window Whiffin’

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17 thoughts on “Summer Photo Challenge

  1. Kea

    What a great shot! The day I get my three all lined up and touching is the day h*ll will freeze over. LOL!

  2. Love Meow

    aww that's beautiful :). My kitties have their own spots in the house. I kinda like it when they are lined up together 🙂

  3. TK

    We feels warmer already! We wents and visit your friend- she shur has a nice place. Thanks fur the heads-up!

  4. Prints the Cat

    Window whiffin. Thanks for teaching my parents a new term today.

    My parents caught me sitting at an open window in our house. It had the screen on it, but they were afraid I'd push the screen out. So, they shut it. Boo.

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