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Sunshine!  We even has lots of sunshine this week too.  Window whiffies and sunshine, wow!  At first I wasn’t really sure what it was because it has been so long since we’ve seen it.  I thought it looked familiar though and sure enough I realized what it was.  Hey sunshine, we’ve been missing you and we’re glad you finally remembered where we live.  Now I have a favor to ask please.  There are lots of my friends who haven’t seen you in a very long time too, would you please go visit them as well?  I would appreciate it because all of my friends are special and they would just love it if you would stop by and warm their furs…and melt some snow. 

Adopt cats, we deserve it!!!  Purrrr! Zip! Later!

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42 thoughts on “Sunshine

  1. Max the Quilt Cat

    Brian…. you look great in that window. Very inspirational picture.

    Yay!!! The sun is back. Pull up a nice sun puddle and have a great nap, pal.


  2. minekatter

    We are enjoing our five daily minutes of sunshine too! We're looking forward to SPRING, and are all hoping that it will come real soon!!!! Keep enjoying the sun, kittycat 🙂

  3. ButterBean

    Dear Brian – Please send some sunshines our way, address is Salem, Virginia – PLEASE – its snowing here now … some suns would help. We would really appreciatenut it .

  4. Love Meow

    What a gorgeous shot :). You look so pretty in the photo. There is a lot of sunshine here today, but it's still snow everywhere outside. The snow reflects the light, making the whole area look a lot brighter. We are still waiting for Spring. Hope it will come soon 🙂

  5. Sammy and Andy

    YAY for your sunshine, Brian…..and we're having sunshine also.

    We are soooooooo happy to hear that Grayson found a home….YAY!!!! YAY!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!

  6. Amy and The House of Cats

    Brian we think the sun must have listened to you – because we can see him here too! We are so happy to see him again – now if he could just warm things up a bit.

  7. Shadow / Molly

    We sure wish dat sun wud come towards us – its been rainy fer days now. Enjoy it fer us too, please? Fanks!

  8. Cat of Nine Tales

    And flowers! You have flowers on your trees! We want those too! All in good time, I guess. Today we have a major rain storm and tomorow we have rain, and the next day and the next. Yes. Sun would be good.
    Dear Mr. Sunshine…what Brian said…please come soon.
    ~Lisa Co9T

  9. Lynx217

    aw thanks for the wishes for sunshine. It's been snowing here since probably 4am, but it's just now starting to stick thankfully. We miss the sunbeams, especially the bean, because she so feeds off of it I guess.
    thanks for coming along for our cuteness overload marathon!

  10. The Island Cats

    Aw, Brian…thanks for asking the sun to come visit us!! Maybe it can make all our snow go away!

  11. Pierro

    Hey, paw taps Brian.
    I like the sunshine a lot!
    You are good friends with the sun and I think that is really nice that you asked the sun to go to the other places. yeah, that was nice.


  12. Pierro

    pee ess
    I am really happy to hear that Grayson is going to such a wonderful home. That makes my heart so happy


  13. ABBY

    Thank you for the wonderful sunbeams today. It was so nice, but could you see if maybe you could also send us a little heat too?

    purry purrs

  14. Eric and Flynn

    That blue sky looks lovely. We haven't got snow, but we do have grey skies and a storm forecast for tomorrow, so if you could send some sun, we would appreciate it.

  15. Catherine

    Brian ~ you are just the most thoughtful kitty trying to coax the sun over to your friends that don't have any! Keep it up ~ perhaps it will listen to you! :)xxoo
    PS ~ you do look extra handsome sitting in that sunbeam!

  16. HubbleSpacePaws

    May we have some??? It's cold and windy and may get snowy here. *sniff**

    And wonderful news about Grayson!!! Yay!!

  17. Prints the Cat

    You brought the sunshine here today! It was a bootiful day and I got to go out on a walk in my backyard.

  18. Cliff and Olivia

    You look lovely in the sunshine 🙂

    And it worked; we've had sunshine here too! And almost all the snow has disappeared. Thanks for sending some sunshine our way.

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