Tabby Snoozy Tuesday

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I know tabbys are good at all kind of things, but let me tell you, when it comes to napping, my Sister Gracie is pretty darn good at it!

Sister Gracie can literally take a nap just about anywhere and in just about any position too.  Her favorite chair is where she spends a lot of her napping time.  I know I shouldn’t be, but I’m constantly amazed at how she just zonks out.  Just look at that, it doesn’t look at all comfy to me, but she will snooze like that for a long time.  I prefer to curl up and snooze, but that’s just tabby me.  What about you, do you have any unusually snoozing positions?

Don’t forget y’all, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!  Purrrr! Zip! Later!

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38 thoughts on “Tabby Snoozy Tuesday

  1. Catherine

    What a cute picture of Gracie! She really does look very uncomfortable but I guess she's not otherwise she would switch positions. Too funny.

    I usually have to sleep curled up in a little ball as Banjo always sleeps right at my feet but 1/2 way up the bed. Hubby wonders why I don't give him a shove to the end of the bed…well as if I'm going to disturb my baby when he's sleeping! 🙂

  2. CCL Wendy

    Sister Gracie, you're a hoot! Awake or asleep!!! It looks like you were grooming yourself and fell asleep before you finished. What a cutie-pie!

  3. Amy and The House of Cats

    What a crazy sleeping position! We haven't ever seen anything like that before! She does look so cute though!

  4. Sammy and Andy

    Wonderful pic of Sister Gracie!!!! We think we were that flexible when we were younger……if we remember correctly…..:) xxxxxxxx

  5. Jacqueline

    That's a silly napping position=she looks like she fell asleep in the middle of her bath!!…We usually curl up or stretch out to sleep…Love those tiger stripes, Gracie!!…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  6. ABBY

    Oh that is a nice way to nap Gracie. All of like to curl up into tiny balls and purr!

    purry purrs

  7. Hyacinth

    Sister Gracie, that is such a cute napping photo of you 🙂 Doesn't look very comfy to us, but as long as you're happy and comfy, that's all that matters 🙂 Our Bailey Bear is the king of napping in strange positions…we think he just plays until his batteries run out and then he stops in his tracks and falls asleep 🙂

  8. Prints the Cat

    Sister Gracie is like my grandpa. He will fall asleep anywhere, anytime, in any weird position. Come to think of it, he is in that position every night in front of the magic talking box while sitting on the couch.

  9. The Kool~Kittie~Krew

    Bwa ha ha ha ha, that is such a silly sleepie position Gracie! You are SOOOO silly! But hey…as long as you're comfy…

  10. loki

    My problem, I'm big bone and I could not snooze like Sister Gracie. I think it's quite exceptional!


  11. wildcatwoodscats

    What a funny nap position! Our Al is the king of funny places to nap – he seeks out the oddest spots!

  12. Mr. Hendrix

    oh my goodness Gracie! that doesn't look comfy, but it must be cause you are certainly napping well.
    I must admit to being a pretty normal napper. In fact, this post inspired me and I'm off to the sofa!

  13. Penny

    Wow that is a rather strange position for sleep – me I like to be stretched out – then slowly start tucking in my paws till I'm curled but flat on the seat of a chair.

    Gracie is still probably tuckered out from her Super Bowl Party and hasn't any idea she could topple over any minute. You better go lay in front of her Brian so she don't fall far.


  14. The Island Cats

    Yep, you're right aboutthose tabbies! Wally and Zoey both sleep in strange positions!


  15. Lynx217

    the other bean swears our mombean sleeps in weird positions… we make her!
    As for the snow… either take some or we're dumping some on you! j/k lol but we're done with winter already and we still got over a month to go!

  16. Glogirly and Katie

    I'm like Sister Gracie. I can snooze anywhere in any position. … just as long as its a place and position of MY choosing. ; )

    (Glogirly's Cat)

  17. Karen Jo

    That's a strange position to sleep in, Gracie, but as long as you are comfortable. I like to sleep stretched out or half curled up.

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