Can Someone Please Help Tommy and Gracie

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Here is an email we got from our good friend Jenna. Jenna is the wonderful person who saved Dolly and made it possible for her to become a member of our family. Please tell everyone you know. URGENT: Tommy and Gracie Need Homes NOW Don’t know how I am getting into the kitty business but this one is really breaking my heart. These babies will be going to the shelter if we cannot save them. They were found alongside a dead mama 9 months ago. They have been going to Petsmart every Saturday for adoption with the people who found them and no takers. They suffer terribly being put into carriers and taken the 45 minute drive to Petsmart where they are put into a tiny cage for people to look at. They absolutely become depressed since they have been doing this for seven months. I also ran a picture with a write-up in the Greenville News Newspaper trying to help these people and not a single phone call.

They are at the point where they will have to take them to the shelter and there most likely be put to sleep. They just cannot keep them and I don’t know what else to do to help them. They have really tried everything.

They would pay for transport to anywhere and these kitties are fully vetted, checked for FIV, FeLeuk, which was negative, all shots, and spayed and neutered. The male is a total lap kitty and female is a little more stand-off-ish but once you sit down and have the male on your lap then she comes and sits next to you. Thank you for anything you might do to help,

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27 thoughts on “Can Someone Please Help Tommy and Gracie

  1. Anya

    I will purrr…
    that they find a new home !!
    Its such a lovely couple

    Hugs love Kareltje =^.^=

  2. Jacqueline

    We will pray for a loving forever home for these two gorgeous kitties…These posts just break my heart and renew my faith in the human race when they are saved and loved.

  3. Love Meow

    My kitty Jackie and Shadow went through the same thing. They were at petsmart everyday for a long long long time. They were 3 and 2 at the time when we met them. No one wanted to take them home, so we did. The shelter was so happy that finally Jackie and Shadow had found their forever home. Let us know if anyone could adopt them. We are praying and purring for them.

  4. umi_e

    We will pray and purrs for Tommy and Gracie… Home someone kind hearted will adopt and give the a forever home…


  5. ABBY

    It makes us feel so bad…all of these beautiful loving kitties without homes. We will purr that someone will open their hearts and homes to these two deserving kitties…


  6. Kas

    Just wish I was on your side of the world and had more room for felines. They look like a great pair of cats.

  7. Peggy's Place

    Oh. My heart wants to take them, but my home is at it's limit with 6 cats.
    Maybe you could get your local TV station do a spot about them. It would make a very nice, feel good segment for them.

  8. Eric and Flynn

    We hope someone gives those cute kitties a loving forever home. It makes us very sad when we think about all the kitties who are looking for a lovely home.

  9. Alasandra

    This breaks our hearts. We wishes we could give them a home. We will post about them and purr our hearts out that they find a loving home. ~AFSS

  10. MoMo

    this is so sad. I am purring hard for some kind soul to take these cute kitties in. Please keep us know if and when this happens.

  11. CATS 4 MEOWS

    We have a similar problem , two abandoned kittens coming to dinner every night, we're now 4 and it is difficult to take someone more than that Boris is very jealous, one of them is that we thought it was the intruder , Lud dislike him. Mom is looking for a home for them, NOW FRIENDS, good luck and we will send many purs to help

  12. Cat with a Garden

    Oh my, the poor darlings. We hope someone can help to find them a home. It's the strangest thing: In Germany they'd get scooped up in a second. People here are suckers for longhaired or somehow pedigreemix looking cats. They even import ferals from Spain, Italy, Poland etc to Germany.
    Good luck to them!

  13. Hyacinth

    Oh these poor sweet babies…we'll be crossing our fingers and paws and hoping that they find a wonderful forever-home soon.

  14. meowmeowmans

    My heart is breaking just reading your post. We will be praying that these sweet kitties find a home soon.

  15. Cory

    This just breaks our hearts…with that one looking so much like Nigel. With 8 of us kitties here, all we can do is purr for them. They deserve a loving home.

  16. Furkidsmom

    We're purring and praying that these two lovely kitties get forever homes. It would be so heartbreaking for them to go to the shelter.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  17. Beth

    These are beautiful kitties! I hope and pray that your post will find the right persons! They deserve a loving home.

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