Tabby Tuesday Odds n’ Ends

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As you can see, we’ve had a good bit of sunshine again, maybe I need a pair of sunglasses.


There now, that’s better, I was starting to squint.  Anyways, where was I? Oh yea, we’ve had bunches of sunshine, but it just hasn’t been warm enough to get some serious window whiffin time.  On top of that, there have been lots of birdies in the backyard too.  It figures, doesn’t it?  We had snow on the bird count weekend and only had three, now they all show up.  We have all been kind of stir crazy too running and romping all through the house and waking up Mom and Dad really, really early.  Well, we woke up Mom, Dad just slept right though it.  I guess we’ll have to try harder!  Oh yea, one other thing before I go, my Dad had a bit of a tummy bug.  We all pitched in and took good care of him over the weekend so I guess we managed to scare that bug off so it would bug off!  Have a great day everyone.  Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!  Purrrr! Zip! Later!

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