Tabby Tuesday

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Sometimes a brother has to do what a brother has to do!  Sister Gracie can get awfully comfy and snoozy in her favorite chair sometimes.  You see, it’s up to me though to make sure that she is still on alert…all cats need to have a high alert function.  So every once in a while I pop up and perform the SPOT Drill (Swat Paw on Target) just to make absolutely sure that she maintains her skills.  Hey, she’s a very good sister, it’s the least I can do.  The good news is that she always passes the drills with fur flying colors.  But we sure wouldn’t expect anything less from Sister Gracie now would we?

Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!  Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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34 thoughts on “Tabby Tuesday

  1. Old Kitty

    Awww Gracie!

    Brothers eh? Can't live with em, can't live without em?!?! LOL!

    Glad Brian is keeping you on your cute pawsies Gracie!! Even better that you pass The Test with flying fur colours! Yay!

    Take care

  2. Catherine

    Hey…brothers…always so bothersome! But I bet she doesn't stay mad at you for long does she, sweet Gracie!

  3. Kea

    Brian, we think Gracie might consider the SPOT test a pain in the furry butt. MOL. Good thing she passes these tests, we'd hate to know what you'd do to her if she didn't! 😉

  4. CCL Wendy

    What a thoughtful brother you are, Brian! I find it amusing that Gracie doesn't actually move very far to swat. I'm sure she's quite possessive of her chair, too, so doesn't want to leave it, even while defending it.

    I'm just curious — do any actual persons ever sit in that chair, or is it reserved specifically for Gracie?

  5. Marg

    Good for you Gracie. Keep that Brian on his toes too. Show him that he can't sneak up on you and take your chair. Good job.

  6. Pierro

    You are a very good brother to help Gracie keep her skills up.
    bonkies and paw taps for a happy day

  7. chezcat1970

    So THAT'S what my sister keeps doing to me! I'm glad I passed the test, since I didn't study!


  8. JC

    You & my Riley would get along great. He's the one who's patting at his napping sisters. Brothers .. who needs them ?

  9. Sammy and Andy

    You are King, Brian, and most certainly you have to remind them of that fact occasionally!!!! 🙂 xxxxxxxx

  10. Amy and The House of Cats

    Brian we think it is great that you make sure your sisters are always prepared!!

  11. Hannah & Lucy

    Hi Brian
    We think Sister Gracie may wait until your eyes feel heavy and you want a nap and she will bonk you on the nose to wake you up. Remember you may think you're the boss but the ladies out number you!
    Will you pass her test with flying colours?
    Luv Hannah & Lucy

  12. CATS 4 MEOWS

    Good job sister Gracie, guard defense! I'm sure you loves this chair, but Brian is a thoughtful brother,he,he….

  13. TK

    "I smiles because you are my sister, I laugh because there is nothing you can do about it"
    Is very nice of you to keep Gracie on her toes!

  14. Siku Marie, White Dog

    Brothers! Anyway, yes to cat rescue…every creature deserves a loving forever home! Thanks for stopping by my blog and helping the cause of Eskie Rescue on my mom's birthday! You have a kind heart!

  15. Mr. Hendrix

    ah, just doing your brotherly duties. I like that. It can only benefit your sister to keep her skills at top performance.

    I hope you both took a snuggly nap later!

  16. ABBY

    WE think it's good that you passed and keep Brother Brian on his pawsies!

    purr on

  17. Alasandra

    MOL, when you get to be my age Brian see if you can train the humans to go find another chair instead of disturbing you. I get in Daddy's chair all the time and me and Mom give him the look "the you aren't going to disturb Socks look" and he will sit somewhere else and then I jump down. Another fun thing to do is sit in Mommy's lap and make the Daddy fetch things for her cause she can't disturb me by getting up. ~Socks

    Wanna come play chase Brian? ~Scylla

  18. MoMo

    I think it's just an excuse to annoy your sister when she is comfortable settled.

    Gracie, do it to Brian when he starts dozing off.

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