A Royal Dilemma

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As King of our domain I have a decision to make and could really use your help.  Sister Gracie is in need of an Honorary Princess title.  Just take a look at this face!


Is that a face or what?  Keep in mind that Princess Sascha is the only official Princess here, but here is where the dilemma comes in.  A while back sweet Penny at Cat of Nine Tales shared her Island Princess Award with Sister Zoe.  So immediately Sister Zoe became an Island Princess, which is different than being an actual Princess, so Sister Sascha was OK with the idea.

Sister Gracie has been with us over a year and it is high time she gets her own honorary Princess title.  Most of you know lots about sweet Sister Gracie, but as a reminder she is very gentle and gets along with everyone.  She is also a great protector and not only protects her Sister Sascha from being chased by the others, but she often steps in between others to break up a spat or a swat.  She is a mega purr machine too and loves to lay with our Dad and fluff on his belly.  Sister Gracie is a joy to be around!

It is time for me to bestow an honorary Princess title on Sister Gracie, but I am at a loss for what that title should be.  Have you any suggestions for me?

Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!  Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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37 thoughts on “A Royal Dilemma

  1. Old Kitty

    Oh Sister Gracie!

    You deserve a really sweet Princess status.

    Me and Charlie put our heads together and came up with:

    Perfect Princess
    Pretty Princess
    Miss Princess
    Paradise Princess
    Proper Princess

    p.s. they were all mainly Charlie's ideas!!!

    Take care

  2. Winston

    Charlie has some good ideas there we like the purrfect princess because she is a purr machine.
    Wiki x

  3. Alasandra

    Well as a Queen I am very good at bestowing titles. I thinks Gracie should be Gracie, Princess of Peace & Harmony.

    My problem is Mini Meow (aka Artemisia) wants to be QUEEN!!!! I am the Queen and she better not forget it. ~Scylla

    I am settling for Princess of Cute for right now, but I thinks I will have Queen of Cute nailed in a few months. ~Artemisia

    For once we agrees with Scylla. Gracie would make a lovely Princess of Peace & Harmony. ~Fenris & Socks

  4. Kas

    THe princess with the starry eyes, the Gracie the Gracious princess, oh I could go on and on.

  5. The Creek Cats

    We love all those ideas!! We agree that Sister Gracie deserves the princess title!

  6. Marg

    We think Purrfect Princess Gracie. She is so pretty. What a great picture.
    Have a great Earth Day.

  7. Catherine

    Perhaps put each of the suggestions on a piece of paper, throw them all over your floor and then see which one Sister Gracie picks up and plays with! Of course… someone will have to pick up all those scraps of papers after… ha!

    xo Catherine

  8. tekorin

    Oh Sister Gracie,you are really a princess princess!
    We are sorry we only know few English words…
    Hope we had an English brain!

    But we agree with Catherine!

  9. AttieCattie

    oh Brian, you always make me feel a little bit better when i am crabilated. thank you. although i still do not like having a sis-ter at all. i do not know why you like yours. they are probably not minions of satan like mine.
    i like Gracious Gracie for her princess name, that's a good one. Gracious Princess Gracie. Princess Gracious.

  10. Max the Quilt Cat

    Since her main deal is protecting others, wouldn't it be fitting to call her

    Protector Princess…

    That is a title with great honor attached.


  11. JC

    Princess Grace of …..
    (Like Princess Grace of Monaco)

    or Royal Duchess Grace
    or Duchess Grace of ….
    or Lady Grace of …

  12. CCL Wendy

    Yes, I agree that simply Princess Grace is very elegant indeed. However, they used to call the human, Princess Grace of Monaco, so Gracie could be Princess Grace of Brian's Home.

    Straightforward, yet certainly fitting.

  13. Jacqueline

    Purrfect Princess Gracie or Princess Grace=she is a special, beautiful girl!…Happy day friends…xo…Calle,Halle,Sukki

  14. TK

    I thinks you are the King, Brian. The other princesses should not feel slighted that their sister joins them by royal decree.

    We does see that Gracie is very speshul and deserves a title, but we not creative to figure out stuff like that.

    Good luck! TK

  15. ABBY

    We thought with it being earth day how about "Earth Princess Grace"

    We can't wait to find out which royal title Grace takes!

  16. Amy and The House of Cats

    Hmm, well it is obvious she is a Princess – but the official title – that is very important, and tough. She is a sweetie, so she could be Sweet Princess Gracie, but she is a protector, so she could be Gracie the Princess Protector, or Princess Peacekeeper. She is a happy girl, so she could be Joyful Princess Gracie, and she purrs lost so she could be Purry Princess too. So many posibilities! We can't wait to see what she chooses!

  17. Mickey,Georgia , Tillie

    Gracie,Princess of Sweetness and Grace,naturally 🙂
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  18. Your Daily Cute

    How about the Princes of Purr or the Purr Princess? I bet she's a loud purrer… 🙂

  19. Deb Harvey

    So many great ideas. I like Princess Gracie…like princess Grace, too. She is a pretty princess!

  20. Ozark Mountain Cats

    Hi, We were going to vote for Princess of Peace but the "word" verification thingy is purrlly so we quess she should be the Princess of purrs.

  21. Cat

    Princess of Love, Peace and Kindness. A princess with a big heart, a lot of patience, love and the ability to be kind in the most difficult of situations. What a wonderful princess she is!! Purrs, Lautrec and Tiny

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