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Some friends missed the info on Cat Blogosphere this morning, so here is a recap.  Sister Sascha was having some pee problems, she kept going to the litter box and nothing was coming out.  She gets real nervous when the carrier comes out because she was stuck in her carrier and left outside of our local PetSmart all night.  That’s how she came to live with us.  Anyways, she is carrier nervous and Vet nervous too.

She had to go spend the day at the V-E-T so they could easily (HA!) get a pee sample.  Little did they know that she can be stubborn.  She went at 8:00 this morning and didn’t pee for them until 3:00 this afternoon, wow, talk about paws crossed!  Anyways, she does not have any crystals or bacteria in her pee, which is good.  She has an inflamed bladder.  She has some meds to help her get through it and she should be OK.  She needs to increase the intake of liquid…because her pee is highly concentrated.  She isn’t too much of a water drinker so an increase in her wet food diet ought to help.  Anyways, she is already acting better with the medicine and hasn’t been running back and forth to the litter box…so that’s a good thing.

Thanks to everyone for all the purrs for her, I appreciate it and I know that she sure did.

Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!   Purrrrrr! Zip! Later!

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36 thoughts on “Sister Sascha Update

  1. Amy and The House of Cats

    Hi Brian! Thanks for the update on Sister Sascha! We saw it on the CB this morning but then things with the computer went a bit crazy – but we have been purring for her all day. We are glad that it can be taken care of easily – well, getting her water intake may be a little tough but the wet food increase should help. And what about other liquids, like a low-sodium chicken broth or water from tuna – that could encourage her to get some more liquids too.

  2. Cheyenne -Millie

    We are glad that Sister Sascha is feeling better! It is not fun to go to the vet.

  3. Everycat

    Sascah we are very glad you are feeling better. Way to go girl at holding that pee in for so long.

    There's a Royal Canin dry food called High Dilution which is to make cats drink more water. It can be fed in small amounts alongside wet foods. We get a few pieces each day because none of us are great drinkers (unless it's a niptini)

    Poor Sascha being left outside a store all night, that's awful. Poor girl. Nice and safe now though 🙂

    Whicky Wuudler

  4. Katnip Lounge

    Oh boy do I know about this! I ended up having stones removed last month. I held out at the v-e-t forever, too. Good girl!
    Mommy has started feeding us wet food exclusively; one can mooshey goodness PLUS one can warm water all smushed up. We chow it down really well. We also have fountains that I like a lot, too.
    xx Grayce

    p.s. I even lost weight! NOT that I needed to.

  5. ML

    Whew, we's been worried about pretty Sascha.
    One fing, we likes our water fountain furry much, it makes us drink lots more water. Just a thought.
    Love & Purrs,

    pee ess: Fanks fur tha update.

  6. Love Meow

    awwww poor Sascha. going to the vet is no fun. We are praying and purring for you. Hope you feel better soon!

  7. Cheysuli and gemini

    Oh dear! We will purr that she keeps getting better and better. What a hard way to be left–poor kitty. Purrs for that.

  8. Melody

    Hi Brian, thanks for the update on Sister Sascha. Im so glad she is doing better. I pray she keeps getting better with each passing day. Sending lots of purrs your way.

    Paws & Whiskers,
    Jude,Poo,Babybella,Piper & Marley

  9. William

    Oh my goodness, poor Sascha and her troll box trauma! How awful! But we're all glad she made the trip and is getting better!

  10. Sweet Praline

    Thanks for the update. I'm so glad the vet found out what is wrong. I hope the meds help. Special healing purrs.

  11. Furkidsmom

    Thanks for the update! We're glad Sister Sascha is going to be okay.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  12. The Creek Cats

    Oh noes! So sorry to hear Sister Sascha was having a pee problem! Those kinds of problems are quite painful! We are relieved to hear that she is already doing much better, that is wonderful news!

    Poor girl being left outside a PetSmart all night in her carrier. Bless her heart!

  13. Boris Kitty

    i hopes herz gets betterer real soon! Ma sisfur Abby did hab piddle problems once & herz wuz bladder stones. herz needed surgeries to gets betterer. so glads u sisfur did no needs operashuns & meds shuld makes her gud agin.

    nosetaps to u & u sisfur.

  14. HubbleSpacePaws

    Sacha, honey, I'm so glad to read you're feeling better already! Our purrs are with you, sweetheart!

  15. Zippy, Sadie and Speedy

    Good fur Sascha dat she held it and dat she's gonna be okay wif medi-sin. Zippy useta haf a prollem wif drinking, before we gots da fountain, so mom would give her tuna joose. Den she would make tuna salad…

  16. Fin

    Thank Cod you're feeling better!!

    Mom sprays Feline Hormone spray in my carrier and it really helps keep me calm.

  17. Ayla and Iza,

    Well, peeing IS important an we all gotta do it regular like. So we hope Sister Sascha unlaxes and everything come out right. Oh. wait, we dint mean it that way. Hmm, mebbe we did.

  18. Connie

    I am so glad that Sister Sascha is feeling better! Going to the vet is not fun at all! Shadoe, Leroy, Paco, and myself ear rubs and head pats her way.

  19. Samantha, Clementine and Maverick

    Oh my goodness!! We are glad Sister Sascha is doing better!! She is such a cutie and we understand why she doesn't like the carrier!!
    Hugggggs from your TX furiends,

  20. Inigo Flufflebum and d'Artagnan Rumblepurr

    Oh no, not the bootiful Sascha… she's getting all our purrs, and I think even Rumblemummy is purring for her!!

  21. Kea

    Thanks for the update; I'm glad she doesn't have any obstruction and will be fine.

    Nicki's urine concentrates too much also, which is why I really cut back the kibble and increased the wet. I also add a bit of water to the canned, not enough to make it soupy, just to give it a bit extra moisture. Even so, Nicki's urine still is too concentrated. I figure his kidneys will give out sooner than later (he's only 4).

    Anyway, I'm sending lots of healing Light to Sascha and the fur kids are purring hard! 🙂

  22. Old Kitty

    Oh no!!! Sister Sascha!!!!

    You poor baby kitty!! Awwww! Me and Charlie are so sad to hear how you were left in your carrier by bad people!! Thank goodness you are now safe and thriving with your gorgeous brother Brian and your lovely sisters!

    We are also glad to hear that you are feeling better – yes – wet food is a good way to get your water! Lots of yummy gravy!!!

    Please be better and have plenty of rest and wet food!!! We are sending you tons and tons and tons of healing purrs and furry hugs!

    Take care

  23. Alasandra

    Sister Sascha, we missed that your were not feeling up to par. We are purring you get to feeling better really fast. We are so sorry you had to go to the VET in a PTU. We likes to sleep in our PTU, but we don't likes it when the beans close the door cause that means a VET trip. We don't like going to the VET either.

    Sometimes as a special treat we gets to drink cat milk, they has it at the grocer store with the catfood, it is for baby kittens. ~AFSS

  24. Catherine

    Thank you so much for the update and so glad Sister Sascha is back on the mend. This makes us very happy! 🙂
    xo Catherine & Banjo

  25. tekorin

    Thank you for updating on Sister Sascha, we are glad to know that she is feeling better!
    Actually,our Tekorin did the same when he was a little baby kitty.
    Get better soon,Sascha!!
    We are still sending our big Purrrs!!

  26. chezcat1970

    We are so glad that Sascha is feeling better! We have water fountains here, too, and we like to play in them and then lick our paws!


    Sascha, that is good. I'd be afraid of the carrier too…but someday you'll forget, you have a great home now!

  28. Lynx217

    TSB sends snuggles
    Jadzia sends tribblepurrs
    Curzon sends snorkelpurrs
    and I send sonicpurrs!
    Get better soon bootiful girl!

  29. Puddin

    Thank goodness she went to the vet and is all better now!!!! That's a great cat mommy for you!!

    XOXOXO Puddin

  30. Prints the Cat

    Ohhh, poor Sascha. We are trying to catch up with everycat's and everydog's blog. I hope Sascha is still feeling better with her meds and more water. Give her a hug from us!

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