Awards Sunday

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We got some awards that I wanted to tell you about.  It is always so nice when someone thinks of us.

Beautiful Blogger Award

We got a Beautiful Blogger award from our friends at Winston’s Scratching Post. As a part of the award you are supposed to tell you 7 things you don’t know about me. Boy that’s pretty tough.

  1. I really don’t care to be held, I get the wiggles.
  2. I love getting brushed, especially on the top of my head.
  3. I purr when I am getting my claws trimmed.
  4. I totally love tissue paper.
  5. I’ve never met an empty box I didn’t like.
  6. I really don’t care for human food.
  7. I get extra treats in a snack ball every night and I open the ball to get the treats out.

I know lots of you have gotten this award, but if you haven’t, please, I would consider it an honor if you would take it from me.


I got this beautiful Life is Good Award from my friends at The Kool-Kitty-Krew, Max the Quilt Cat and Sammy and Andy’s Meowsville.   For this award, the blogger Mom is supposed to answer the following questions, but since we have a blogger Dad, he will answer them:

1. What would your prefect day consist of?
    The perfect day would be spending the entire day with Brian,
    Sascha, Gracie, Zoe, Dolly and Mom.

2. How would you describe yourself if you were an item of clothing?
    A nice large tee shirt with extra wiggle room.

3. What hobbies are you currently working on?
    My hobby is cat rescue and we work on it constantly.

4. Walking in the woods in wellies or bare foot on the beach?
    Bare foot on the beach, I love the ocean and water places in

5. Have you ever hugged or sang to a tree?
    I sing to Maggie our Magnolia Tree.

6. Growing your own veggies or nipping to the supermarket?
    I don’t have a green thumb, we support local farmer markets
    and organic growers.

7. Have you found anyone exciting in your family tree?
    Nope, nobody I would consider exciting, even if I shook the tree.

8. Slap up meal in a posh restaurant or fish ‘n’ chips from the
    Actually either would be totally fine with me!

9. Which element do you most resonate with, Earth, Air, Fire or
    I am partial to water but wouldn’t be able to enjoy it if it
    wasn’t for Mother Earth.

10.Do you believe in fairies?
    I do believe in fairies and sometimes the kitties chase them.

Now I have to choose 5 blogger Moms to pass this on to, so here they are:

  1. Winston’s Scratching Post
  2. Katnip Lounge
  3. Me and My Furry Family
  4. Spitty Speaks
  5. The Diary of Smudge, Spider and their Pet Human




We got this beautiful Versatile Blogger Award from the wonderful ones at Kitty Trio.

This award has some rules:

Rule 1. Thank the person who gave it to you.
Rule 2. Share 9 things about yourself.
Rule 3. Pass the award along to 9 bloggers who you think are fantastic.
Rule 4. Contact Blog award winners.

Here are our 9 things (that you hopefully didn’t know yet):

  1. My Dad is my blogging secretary.
  2. My Mom is my official photographer.
  3. I like to lay in the bathroom sink sometimes.
  4. I have close to 8,200 twitter followers.
  5. I often watch a big turtle that hides in our back yard.
  6. I’m not much of a talker, if I speak up it is important.
  7. I like to drink water out of a dixie cup.
  8. I’m not crazy about seafood  ><(((º>
  9. I am a great bugger, I can hear them sneaking around.

Now then for 9 fantastic bloggers:

  1. Adan’s Everyday + Lego
  2. Casper’s Mom
  3. Corner of Cat’s Mind
  4. Just A Moment…
  5. Kareltje en ikke
  6. Lilacs & Cats
  7. Lynx217
  8. Melody’s Katz
  9. Whisker Messages from a Church Cat

Thanks everyone for thinking of us, now, tag, you’re it!

Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!  Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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25 thoughts on “Awards Sunday

  1. Katnip Lounge

    Thanks for the award!

    At our house Daddy's the flashy-box man and Mommy's the secretary.

    We think it might be a little strange to not like seafood…but a couple of us would kill for chicken over tuna, too, so we understand. It's more fish for the rest of us!

  2. AFSS

    We didn't know you didn't like seafood Brian. Socks loves RAW shrimp but will not touch it cooked. Mom thought he didn't like shrimp cause he always turned his nose up at the cooked shrimp she offered him then one day when she was cooking she dropped a shrimp and he gobbled it up. Now she always tries to give him a raw one. The rest of us don't mind if she cooks it first and will even eat it from a can. ~AFSS

    Hi Brian, can you come watch movies with me. It is too hot to go outside. ~Scylla

  3. cats of wildcat woods

    That was fun and we learned lots of interesting stuff about you all!

  4. Catherine

    Brian!!! You are the sweetest! How nice of you to think of me for this award! I shall try and think of 9 new things I haven't shared about myself and put it in a post in the next few days. Thank you!

    Big kiss!
    xo Catherine

  5. TK

    Awww Brian you and your secratary Daddy deserves these rewards. You does so much for kitties! We agrees with all of them. TK

  6. S. Etole

    Congratulations on your awards and thank you for passing one along to me … since I'm just a human I will have to see what I can come up with …

  7. Ikaika

    Congratulations on your awards, Brian! I enjoyed learning things about you and your family.

  8. Keiko (from Kitty Trio)

    Congratulations on all the well deserved awards! We loved reading your facts!
    You are the same as my sister Pricilla, she doesn't like being held much AND she loves to have the top of her head brushed!
    It's cool that you have a blogger Daddy!
    Purrs, Keiko Kenji & Pricilla

  9. MoMo

    Concats on the awardies. You totally deserve them.

    Umm, you PURR when you have your claws trimmed? One weird kitty, I must say.

  10. Jacqueline

    Congratulations on your awards; we really enjoyed reading your lists and answers, it's fun learning more about you guys!…Happy week sweet friends…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  11. michico*Adan

    Wowww~~~ Brain~!!!
    Thank you so much~! Thanks for the award~!!! I guess I have to purr more to my human slave now~ She finally puts my taste on my blog~~ You see?
    She is a great slave to me~~~~

    Others bloggers are wonderful as well~!!!!!!! And so you ARE!!!!!!!

    Big hugs!!!

  12. Kas

    Thanks for the award Brian and staff!!! I enjoyed reading all about you too!!! Hello from Smudge and Spider.

  13. Anya

    Congratulations on all your awards
    and thank you for thinking on us !!
    Nice to now more about you

    Hugs Love to all
    Kareltje =^.^=

  14. Old Kitty

    Yay!!!! These are absolutely stunning awards!! How wonderful – congratulations! Me and Charlie loved reading about you Gorgeous Brian and your mum and dad!

    Big hugs to the big turtle in the backyard – awwwwww!!! And well done with your twitter following -wow!

    Take care

  15. Father Tom

    Any work at the White House pales compared to being honored by you, Brian! I loved reading about everyone and learning more about you and your family..

    I love "stepping out" on the web (and they think all I do is sleep). To you and all your followers, bravo and blessings on your shelter efforts, too!

  16. chezcat1970

    Congratulations on the awards! Those were such cool facts; we love knowing new things about our blogger friends!

  17. The Kool~Kittie~Krew

    ConCats on your awards! We TOTALLY loved your answers!!! We love you guys!

  18. Eric and Flynn

    Concats on all your awards. We enjoy learning new things about our friends.

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