Mancat Monday

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Oops, I learned something very important.  Well, I actually already knew it, but I got a reminder that I wasn’t expecting.


I learned that it isn’t nice to make fun of others, yep, well, sometimes it is fun but you have to be careful.  You see, the carrier came out and I kind of giggled because that meant that either Princess Sascha (since she was not well a few weeks ago) or Princess Grace of Carolina (because of her asthma) was headed off to the Vet.

Okay, do you want to take a guess as to what really happened???


Yep, it was me!  What did I do?  I’m fine, really, I’m fine.  After a bit of a battle about going into the carrier I determined that my chances of winning that battle weren’t too good.  So off I went with my Dad.  Not too worry, there is nothing wrong with me, it was just time for a check up.  Yea, like I’ve heard that one before.  Turns out it was just a check up and the Vet really is a nice human man.  He said my teeth look great, my temperature was fine (hate that part) and no fecal problems (hate that part times two) and that my heart sounded great.  I weighed in at 13 pounds 8 ounces…and he did say that it looks like I don’t miss many meals.  I’m not exactly sure how to take that comment.

So anyways, take it from me, if you see the carrier come out, don’t make fun, it might come back to bite you.  Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!  Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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35 thoughts on “Mancat Monday

  1. The Creek Cats

    When we see the carrier come out, we all scatter! Mom says it's pretty comical!

  2. Cat

    You are so right about that…when we see the carrier come out, we try to get as small and insignificant as possible…and hiding behind a door or under a couch is always worth a try, but none of these things really does much good…Mom always knows where to find us. At least you took it like a real ManCat. Bravo! Glad you're a-ok. Take the meal comment as a compliment…that's what I would do! Purrs, Lautrec

  3. The Taylor CatSSSSS

    Oh man….when the PTU(Prisoner Transport Unit) comes out….we all FREAK!!! Sorry dude….it was your time! We are happy that you checked out A-okay!


  4. Keiko (from Kitty Trio)

    mawhawhaw that is pretty funny!! That happens here too! All the cats look at each other like, it's you… not it's you… haha!
    But you know, last week? Our sister Pricilla had her collar on and she couldn't fit in the carrier anymore, so mummy and daddy took her in her harness and lead!
    I'll be she thought she was going for a fun walk…

  5. Old Kitty

    Awwwww Brian – you poor thing!!! There you are having a good giggle and what happens??! You get whisked away to see the V-E-T!

    Me and Charlie are very glad to hear that you are ok and a have a healthy appetite!!

    And hugs too to Princess Sascha and Princess Grace of Carolina cos they weren't well but are now feeling better. And probably having their own girly giggle..

    Take care

  6. Catherine

    Haha! Oh Brian ~ you are sending me off to work this Monday morning with a good laugh! Yup ~ always have to be careful with that 'karma' thing! So glad you are nice and healthy though and how lucky to have someone that loves you all so much who cares about your health. I must say though, you certainly seem like a more well behaived kitty then Banjo is when he goes to the vet for check-ups! You are a good kitty Brian!

    Have a terrific day!
    xo Catherine & Banjo

  7. Kea

    We're so glad you're healthy, hale and hearty, Brian.

    Our human has solved the carrier issue…She leaves them open, with blankets in them, in a spare room. (She's lucky she has a spare room, but it's kinda turned into a junk room.) The carriers open from the top as well as the front, so when we have to go, she picks us up and plops us in from the top, no fuss.

    Of course, we start fussing once we're inside!

  8. Cindy

    Oh Brian. I'm sorry you had to go through that ordeal. I'm glad you are ok. BTW, your photo is gorgeous today.

  9. Milton

    Sounds like the v-e-t was pretty impressed Brian! My yearly check-up is due next month (groan).
    As for the carrier, I don't mind it tho. I'm so nosey you see, I actually walk right into it. Yeah, I know. Doh!!

    Milt x

  10. Hannah and Lucy

    We dread seeing the PTUs come out –
    and if only one comes out it's torture until you know if you're the one staying at home and relief sweeps over you.
    Still at least your turn is over now Brian.

  11. Furkidsmom

    We're glad you're healthy! Can you believe Tamir SLEEPS in the PTU?

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  12. Jacqueline

    Great news at the vet is always cause for celebration=YAY, Brian, we are so glad you are healthy and happy it's over now and you're home!…Wishing you all a great week, sweet friends…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  13. The Kool~Kittie~Krew

    Yay for your check~Up!!! AND GUESS WHAT?!? We see Sister Sasha on you cam!!! The FURST TIME We've caught ya! YAY!!!

  14. chezcat1970

    Mama has started leaving our carriers out all the time so that we get used to them. So far all we do is sniff them and run away!

  15. The Island Cats

    Well, you learned an important lesson today, Brian…we're just glad that you checked out okay and that v-e-t visit is done now!!

  16. Amy and The House of Cats

    Brian we can sympatize! We had a surprise vet trip this weekend too! We knew it would probably be Kirzon, and it was, but mom grabbed Barney and took him too! We all got nervous after that! We are glad that everything went well – you are the same size as Barney is (well, right about he is around 13 – mom can't remember if it is just 13 or what). Have a great week!!

  17. meowmeowmans

    That's a great lesson to have learned, Brian. We're just happy that you got a clean bill of health at the vet. Yippee!

  18. Katnip Lounge

    Poor Brian! At least you had a good report card. Keep up the good work and don't miss ANY meals!
    Mommy does the old "scruff-n-stuff" to get us in the PTU; that's the ONLY way to get us in there.

  19. Marg

    Brian,you look very comfy in that vet's office. We are thrilled that you are A OK. That is always good to know. Have a great week.

  20. ABBY

    Well Brian at least now you have your check up done and over and don't have to worry about it for like forever!

    Glad everything was OK!


  21. Mickey,Georgia , Tillie

    Yikes!!!!! A trip to the Vet??? Thank goodness it was to be sure you are OK 🙂 We are not crazy about that trip either! We are purring for Confucius cat.
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  22. Beth

    Brian, You look pretty calm sitting on the vet's table there…GOOD BOY! Some cats try to hide behind things in the little room. Glad you are healthy, Brian!

  23. Bailee

    When mes see da carrier me hides. Plus me faster than momz. However eventually she catches me.

  24. Spitty-the-Kitty

    You look super handsome & in control there, Brian. Don't miss many meals indeed! You look PURR-fect!!

  25. Ayla and Iza,

    We NEFER laff when the cat-carrier comes out. Its allus bad and usually means both of us are goin…

  26. tekorin

    Brian,we are glad to hear that you don't miss many meals!! oops,you are healthy!!!

    We took the words from you!
    Hope we don't forget…

  27. AFSS

    I enjoyed staying with you while Mom was away, thanks for inviting me over Brian. ~Scylla

    We are sorry you had to go to the vet. Next time let us know in advance and we will send Fenris in your place. He loves visiting the vet.

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