Sister Saturday

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26 thoughts on “Sister Saturday

  1. Old Kitty

    Sister Dolly!!!

    What is it??? How exciting! It must be good as you are quite mesmerised!

    Me and Charlie will just watch you as you are so pretty.


    Take care

  2. Catherine

    Oh my…what clean ears you have Sister Dolly! All the better to hear other kitties sneak up on you I think! 🙂

    xo Catherine

  3. Zig et Zag

    Hi Brian!!

    Lol!! You are funny Brian!! You should be booked as a stand up comic!!

    Dolly looks as if she has seen something very interesting!!

    bisous de Nantes xxxxx

  4. Hannah and Lucy

    What are you looking at so intently Dolly – is Brother Brian pulling funny faces and wriggling his ears.

  5. Alasandra

    Hi Dolly. ~AFSS

    Brian, it is raining here would you like to come snuggle with me. ~Scylla

  6. Rusty

    Must be something really good there to watch. Let me look!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog for my Gotcha Day. Mom was a little slow this morning getting the pawty stuff set up, but she's done now. Stop back by for some good food and fun if you get a chance.

  7. missbreezysbox

    Is someone at the door? Your humans do a nice job on your ears. Very clean. Have a great weekend.

  8. Katnip Lounge

    Is Dolly in kitty jail? What's going on? Must be pretty interesting, we think.
    xx lounge kats

  9. Jacqueline

    Hi, Dolly, you look so alert and pretty in that photo=what are you watching so intently?…Have a fun Saturday friends…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  10. Marg

    Dolly, what a pretty face you have. Hope no one is after you. Have a great week end.

  11. Lynx217

    Our TSB won't let us stick our heads inbetween any bars, because Curzon got stuck as a kitten like that… Luckily TSB is a very talented bean when it comes to getting animals out of tight spots!

  12. AFSS

    We will be purring for Herman with you. Thanks for giving us a heads up about it.

  13. violinmuffin

    What is Dolly looking at? She looks so intent…
    She has such a beautiful face and a smooth coat! Our mummy's frantically trying to make our Pricilla as smooth as you
    Purrs, Keiko Kenji & Pricilla

  14. Karen Jo

    Something very interesting must be going on, Dolly. I am envious of your banisters. I wish we had stairs.


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