Purrs 4 Peace Week 50

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#purrs4peace Hello everyone, we’re participating in Purrs4Peace Week 50. This weeks Purrs4Peace has us purring for all the shelter animals.

                             Please join us in Purrs4Peace    
                                           Sister Sascha

“If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.”  St. Francis of Assisi

“Ever occur to you why some of us can be this much concerned with animals suffering? Because government is not.  Why not? Animals don’t vote.”  Paul Harvey

This week we are purring for all the animals that are in shelters each year.  In the United States alone the number is staggering, over 6 million each year.  To make matters worse, sometimes shelters are not that at all.  Sometimes death waits there.  Shelter it is not if death awaits.

I have first hand experience because I was in the shelter and care of some very special humans for the first nine months of my life.  Shelter I had, care I had, food I had.  Each and every day there I see thousands and thousands of pleas fly by on Twitter, heart breaking posts on Facebook, and bloggers looking for help for shelter animals.  It breaks my heart every single time.  We are all able to help some and we are quite relieved when a critter gets the purrfect forever home.  But there are millions more each and every year that are not as fortunate.

This week we all purr for each and every shelter animal the world over.  May they each be safe in their search for their forever homes.

Please stop by and visit the Confucius Cat’s Blog and wish him well, he is after all, our fearless leader on the Purrs 4 Peace project.  

The appointed time for Week 50 is Sunday, June 13, 2010. Participants should purr for three minutes commencing at 3:00 p.m.. EDT (U.S.) which is 8:00 p.m. (20:00 hrs.) BST in the U.K. The cat’s human staff should assist their cats with the project by stroking and nuzzling the cat at the appointed time.

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19 thoughts on “Purrs 4 Peace Week 50

  1. Jacqueline

    Sascha is gorgeous as always…We will purr with you guys for shelter animals; their sad lives really break our hearts too…kisses sweet friends…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  2. Marg

    Sascha is looking good. We will also purr for the shelter animals. We are a little late, but it can't hurt to do it now. That is such a wonderful thing to do. Wish we could get them all out of the shelters.
    Have a great day.

  3. Kea

    We'll add our purrs too, even though it's past the appointed time. We think purring for shelter animals is a good thing to do, at any time. We all were shelter cats, by the way!

    Our human gets very, very, very upset at irresponsible and ignorant people who let their un-altered cats roam and breed, and wishes people would wake up about spaying and neutering–it would go a long way to decreasing the cat overpopulation and euthanasia.

    So purrs for all, and prayers to Goddess Bastet for her all children who are abandoned, unwanted, alone, in need.

  4. AFSS

    Sascha you are doing a terrific job leading us in purring. We are purring up a storm for shelter animals here. ~AFSS

    Brian, you make my whiskers smile. I am so glad we found each other and we both has loving families. ~Scylla

  5. Jana

    We are giving our very best purrs for all the shelter animals everywhere.
    ~~Casper and Angel~~

  6. Cat

    Beautiful, beautiful Sister Sascha…I'm sorry, but we missed the scheduled purring time, but have done it later for double the time. We think that this is a very good idea, but also believe that it is necessary that humans are educated about cats…we are talking about unwanted litters, not castrating feral male and female cats and so forth. So many adorable kittens come into the world never being wanted simply because owners don't think to avoid the conception of those poor babies. We purr with all our strength that all the shelter cats find homes and that all the humans that don't want baby kittens realise that their cats need to be 'fixed'. Why punish animals for living? They didn't choose it, life was given to them, but it isn't ours to take away, but we can keep it from happening. All kitties should be born into a loving, caring world and should be loved and appreciated all their lives. We are loved very much…we are lucky…we wish that all kitties everywhere can find the love that we have. Purrs, Lautrec and Tiny

  7. Old Kitty

    Oh sister Sascha – you are just so adorable!

    There are so many of these poor kitties and doggies and all other animals too in shelters waiting for forever homes. Me and Charlie are purring purring purring that they all find loving homes and families soon.

    Take care

  8. Ayla and Iza,

    We purred at the appointed time. It was easy cuz The Big Thing gave us lots of scritches!

  9. Inigo Flufflebum and d'Artagnan Rumblepurr

    Miss Sascha, we'd do anything your heart desired! *purr purr purr*

  10. Siku Marie, White Dog

    What a wonderful post and tradition. Can we add Woofs for Peace and Especially for Shelter Animals? My brother, Quinn, was one.

    Thank you for the kind words of comfort regarding our loss of Milo.Knowing you shared the magical story of the friendship between Quinn and Milo gives us solace that she will not be forgotten.

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