Twofur Thursday

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So there I was, enjoying an early morning whiff when along comes Sister Sascha.  She kept wanting to talk, but I really was more interested in getting some whiffin time before the door got shut.  Oh well, I guessed I had better listen to her since she wasn’t apt to give up.  Sister Sascha wanted to tell me how much she is enjoying getting along with everyone and not being scared any more.  That really is wonderful and I told her so too.  I was telling her all along that she could do it, but I guess she had to figure that out for herself.  Honestly though, she really is a sweet sister and really is enjoying herself now.  I think maybe she snuck off to Oz and got some courage from the Wizard…hey, ya never know.

Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!  Purrrrr! Zip! Later!


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33 thoughts on “Twofur Thursday

  1. Catherine

    It's hard being terribly shy ~ but obviously everyone eventually made Sister Sascha feel comfortable enough to be herself. Good stuff!

    xo Catherine

  2. Winston

    We are so happy that Sascha has settled it! She has some beautiful furs too, all lovely and floofy.

  3. The Island Cats

    Sascha, we're glad you are feeling more comfortable with everybuddy too! Maybe our Zoey should plan a trip to Oz….

  4. Old Kitty

    Awwww lovely Brian!! Me and Charlie are sure you and your other beautiful sisters Zoe, Dolly and Gracie helped your sweet sister Sascha come out of her shell!!

    We are so glad she's more comfortable and confident now! We hope she continues her trips to Oz!

    Take care

  5. Marg

    Brian that is so nice of you to listen to Sister Sascha. That is so exciting that Sister Sascha is getting over being shy. Wish some of the gals around here would do that. Anyway, have a great day.

  6. Sweet Praline

    I'm not surprised that Sister Sascha is doing so well because she has a wonderful brother that she can come to for advice.

  7. Kea

    We think it's because you're such a wonderful brother, Brian, and that you have such a terrific forever home, that Sister Sascha feels more secure and comfortable now. That's great!

  8. Maya

    sister sashca is so beautiful, i'm glad she is starting to get along with everyone else 😀

    its a shame you missed out on some of your whiffin time, though, Brian 🙂

  9. The Kool~Kittie~Krew

    We are SOOO happy that sister Sascha isn't scared anymore and the she fits PURRfectly in your family! That Wizard is a miracle worker!

  10. Furkidsmom

    We're really happy that Sister Sacha is happier! Being skeerdy all the time isn't fun.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  11. Hannah and Lucy

    We are delighted that Sister Sascha feels part of the family and comfy with everycat.

  12. Sammy and Andy

    YAY, Sasha!!!!!!!!!!! We are happy to hear you have overcome your shyness. xxxxxxxxxxxx

  13. The Creek Cats

    We are so glad to see and hear how happy Sister Sasha is to be your sisfur and have a wonderful forever home!

  14. AFSS

    We are glad sister Sasha found her courage, we thinks she just needed some time to feel safe.

  15. Amy and The House of Cats

    Hi Brian! What a great picture of you and Sister Sascha! And we are so glad that she has become brave enough to visit with everyone – we are sure she is so happy now to spend time with you all!

  16. Jacqueline

    It is so great beautiful Sascha is getting along with everyone better and feeling joy as part of the family…kisses sweet friends…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  17. ♥I am Holly♥

    Brian, you are just so sweet to talk to your beautiful sister and see that she feels like one of the family! Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

  18. Beth

    This is an adorable photo! Brian, you really look like a teacher with a pupil who is very interested in what you have to say!

  19. Jana

    We're so happy that Sascha is relaxing and enjoying life more! Oh, and we like how you make efficient use of every bit of your loungey bed.
    ~~Casper and Angel~~

  20. Siku Marie, White Dog

    She has a loving home, "people" to listen to her, and family who is caring and nurturing…it was just a matter of time before Sascha put away her fear and started to bloom!

  21. Cara n Crew

    Hi Brian, you are such a good brother to listen to and help your sisfur. We cannot believes you get to have your window open so wide…we three are screen climbers/clawers so our windows only get opened a crack. Rats! Hope you got some good niffin in!

    -Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  22. Cat

    Isn't it nice that Sasha now knows she is in a safe and loving home…with a great brother and sisters too 🙂

  23. Your Daily Cute

    You look to do the outstretched paw in your bed just like Pimp does! Hope you got plenty of good whiffs.

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