Wordless Wednesday

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41 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Kat_RN

    Of course cats laugh, they laugh at us. Brian, you are certainly laughing in this one. Thanks for the early morning smile.

  2. Old Kitty

    Oh Brian!! You are looking fierce! 🙂

    What a manly mancat! And gorgeous too!

    Take care

  3. The Taylor CatSSSSS

    Brian…..what are you talking about??? Looks like you are telling a very funny joke! MOL

  4. MoMo

    Just coming by to say mieow. Your WW pic is not showing up. Wonder why.

    I am much better now. Thanks so much for your purrs.

  5. Sammy and Andy

    Hmmmmmmmmm, we think maybe it's a good thing it's Wordless Wednesday, cuz we're not sure we'd want to hear the words that are coming out of you!!!!!! MOL xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Marg

    Brian, we think you are laughing at your new toy. Is it funny??? That is a terrific picture.
    Hope you have a super day.

  7. chezcat1970

    We're not sure if you are laughing or giving that scratching post a piece of your mind!

  8. Amy and The House of Cats

    Brian it looks like you are really showing that scratching post who is boss – and it looks like you are enjoying doing it!!

  9. Willow

    It looks like you are really enjoying your new scratcher, indeed!

    Purrrrrrrrrrrs, Willow

  10. ♥I am Holly♥

    Brian, that is a great picture!! Are you laughing or giving that scratcher at tough time! Either way, the picture of you is adorable!! Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

  11. AFSS

    Hi Brian, sorry I am so late visiting. I had to go to the vet this morning for my checkup and shots. ~Scylla

  12. Jacqueline

    Brian, you look like you mean business!…Are you talking or RRROARRRING?!…hugs handsome boy…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  13. Jana

    Nobody better mess with your new throne! You look pretty tough.
    ~Grrrrs and purrs from Casper and Angel~

  14. TK and Squashies

    Is there catnip on that board?
    If not- then we is very scairt! Is not good to purrvoke the King. It is a very mancatly photo.

  15. Pierro

    I see you are really enjoying your new throne. This photo of you makes me smile BIG!


  16. Spitty-the-Kitty

    Did sumkitty tell you a joke, Brian? Or are you laughing at your silly Humans?

  17. Siku Marie, White Dog

    Is that your fancy new lounger throne that you are so viciously attacking? It looks like there will only be splinters left when you are done!

  18. Sharon K. Mayhew

    Brian–It's goning to be okay. I know you are worried about Macy and Ginger, but I kept them safe…out of the flood in our basement. Thanks for worrying about us though. 🙂

  19. Winston

    MOL Brian you look like you are giving your new throne a thrashing, good work! Winston x

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