Tabby Tuesday

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The hots are back!  Just when we were getting our window whiffies on a regular basis that darn hot weather has come back to visit.  Now we only get our whiffies early, early in the morning.  I don’t think I like that, and besides, isn’t it supposed to start getting cooler about now?  It was very nice and cool over the weekend, and my Dad even covered up with a blankie when he has having his nap time.  Okay, we’ll put up with the hots for a little while longer if we must.  I guess we’re just very lucky to have those holes that blow out cool air when it is so hot, otherwise we would probably be pretty crabby about now.

Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!  Purrrrr! Zip! Later!


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42 thoughts on “Tabby Tuesday

  1. Kas

    Window whiffies, is that wind??? I hope it cools down for you. It is the first day of spring tommorow here in Australia!!!!

  2. Max the Quilt Cat

    Enjoy the hots…. I'm watching the hurricanes forming and the hots are much preferable to any of them coming to the east coast. I recommend that you station yourself in front of a big fan if there's one going. Or… my fav is the bathtub… without water in it of course.

  3. The Taylor CatSSSSS

    Hots are not fun! Mommy gets very cranky! Teleport over and enjoy the fan with uSSSSS!

  4. Old Kitty

    Awwww poor sweet Brian!! Me and Charlie hope the hots become cooler soon so you'd enjoy plenty of window whiffin!!

    We are also waving a hello to gorgeous sisters Dolly, Gracie, Zoe and Sascha!

    Take care

  5. Admiral Hestorb

    those holes blowing out that cold air have been resting a little here on accounta it's been less humid this week.

    I hope you got under the blanket with your's the only place to be. My mommy holds the door open an inch so I can have some whiffies too. She won't open the window often till it really gets cooler outside.

  6. Catherine

    If only you knew how lucky you are Brian ~ it is 5c here this morning (40F) ~ that almost puts a little frost on the whiskers I tell you! 🙂

    xo Catherine & Banjo

  7. The Monkeys

    The hots came to us too this week! It's supposed to get cool this weekend, though, so you're welcome to visit!

  8. Kea

    The hots are back here too, very unusual for us at this time of year. We don't have any air conditioning, though! But like the Monkeys, it's supposed to cool off this weekend.

    Enjoy your day and your cool indoor air; we hope you can window whiffies again soon.

  9. chezcat1970

    We're hot here, too. Mama is cranky because she had visions of autumn and baking bread in her head!

  10. Hannah and Lucy

    We like the temperature to be in between the hots and the colds. We hope you get some more window whiffin soon.

  11. Cat

    Hi Brian, the exact same think is happening at my house.

    The hots are back and today is supposed to be 40C with the humidex…that's 104F. My poor kitties are sitting at their windows looking miserable that it is to hot to have them open! I guess we shouldn't complain as the snow will be here soon enough!

  12. Sammy and Andy

    We totally understand!!!!!!!!! Mama says it's too hot to be alive here!!!!!! And you have tons of humidity there as we do here…..summers are sooooooooo miserable!!!!!! At least it gets cool enough there that you can open your windows occasionally……we have at least a month before we have any hopes of that.

    We luvsy'all.

  13. Katnip Lounge

    We have had nice cool wind in our furz this week but the HOTS are coming back…oh well, time to go be lazy on the big bed. It's good to be a Cat.

  14. Mishkat

    It's hot again here too, but we hear some cool weather might be coming soon (we can only hope!)

    P.S. Thank you so much for all your purrs for Blackie. His humans really appreciate it and we do too.

  15. 3 doxies

    Believes me, I know exactly what you talkin' bout! It was nice and cool dis morning and then BAAAAAM, it got HOT!


  16. Carolyon

    Ah I'm looking forward to the hot days here (I'm from New Zealand). There is nothing nicer than being able to sunbathe.


  17. Luna, Luzie and Olli

    Oh that is not fair. Here it is too cold and there it is too hot.
    We had 9°C /48°F this morning…brrrrr
    Stay cool!

  18. ♥I am Holly♥

    Brian, the hots are here too. Now with the hurricane coming perhaps this way, it's going to be rainy, windy and scary. It's been a crazy year with the weather. Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

  19. GRAÇA

    Brian,demorei um pouco a respoder-te,porque a minha mami esteve a por uma foto nova no meu blog …vai ver e depois ,disme se gostas???
    Ronronzinhos da tua amiguinha

  20. Sparkle

    Sorry guys! It's cooler here and our window's open right now – I wish you could come over and enjoy it with us!

  21. ABBY

    We are ready to get rid of the "hots"! But we think that they'll be around for a few more months. First we just want to get out of Hurricane season.


  22. Cara n Crew

    What is up with the weathers? We are ready for fall all ready! In the meantime, early morning whiffies beat no whiffies any day!

    -Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  23. Siku Marie, White Dog

    Sorry to hear things have heated up again. One nice thing about life in NM is that this time of year, it really is cool and comfy at night…so sleeping is wonderful! Hope you chill out soon.

  24. Sónia Mendes

    Hi Brian,

    What a nice cardboard bed you have there.

    It's very hot here in Portugal too. But hang in there, before we know it, we will be complaining about the cold weather again.

    Purrs from Gotchi

  25. Sharon K. Mayhew

    Brian…I'm glad you've got some cool air blowing on a hot day. And oh my what a cool chair you're sitting on!

  26. Spitty-the-Kitty

    Oh Brian I am sorry to hear that, but I am even sorrier that WE are going to have more hots too. The Human conveniently forgets that September and October are the hots here, so every year she just acts all surprised and crabilated about it. I wish she'd just stop complaining and SHUT UP, but you know Humans. Sigh.

  27. Cat

    Brian Buddy…you can have our cold weather ANY DAY!! We like the warm weather, but all we keep getting is cold and rain…this really is for the dogs (sorry dogs, but I know you guys like water more than we cats do!). We can trade if you want!! Purrs, Lautrec

  28. Ayla and Iza,

    We haven't even had the HOTS go away long enough to have the winders open once. That will be another month around here at least.

    We hope ya get yer window whiffies again soon!

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