Wordless Wednesday

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41 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Bibliophile By the Sea

    Why do some cats do that? Our Lilly loves to go under rugs, blankets, comforters. Whenever we see a lump somewhere, that's Lilly….LOL

  2. Marg

    Is that that Dolly underneath there. That is so much fun to do. We love to get under stuff. Have a great day.

  3. Catherine

    I see someone is as good at playing hide-n-seek as Banjo is! 🙂

    Have a good day kitties!
    xo Catherine

  4. Hannah and Lucy

    We were looking for you Dolly and coundn't see you for a minute – then we blinked and saw your tail, some floof and a couple of toes!!

  5. Cara n Crew

    um, Dolly, we can still see you! Hee hee! Looks like you're playin a fun game!

    -Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  6. Old Kitty

    Awwww sweet and adorable Dolly!!! Me and Charlie hope you come out from under there soon so you can play with us!

    A big hello to gorgeous Brian and fabulous Zoe, Sascha and Gracie!

    Take care

  7. TK and Squashies

    This reminds mine mommy of a kindergarten book- The fat cat under the mat. (Not that Dolly is fat, she was just amembering!)
    We hopes you has fun playing Dolly.

  8. 3 doxies

    Okays, I not a kitteh but I looooves to do dat too….hmmm, you part dog or am I part kitteh?

    Dats right….I am baaaaack!


  9. Jacqueline

    We see you, sweet Dolly!!…Our tails always give us away too…kisses…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  10. CCL Wendy

    What happened that Dolly is so camera shy all of a sudden? Or is she playing hide and seek? She probably thinks because she can't see you that you can't see her — silly girl!

  11. Cat

    Oooo…you have strange carpet…it has a paw and a tail…I'm kinda scared looking at it….WHAT IS IT????


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