Hijack Tuesday – The Social Media Rescue

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Hello everyone, it’s me Dolly and yes, I am the social media rescue.  My brother Brian says I am proof that the right blog reader, the right Tweet on Twitter or the right post on Facebook really can make a difference and save a life.  So today I thought I would give you a peek at my story.  Sorry, it is a bit long.

My life started out OK, even though someone stole my claws at an early age, at least I was happy and safe.  But then I don’t know what happened, I was dumped outside and all alone.  To make matters worse, as if they could be, I was dumped in one of the worse sections of Greenville in a pouring rain storm.  I was very scared. I was hungry.  I was wet.  There were lots of loose dogs.

There was this nice lady by the name of Jenna who knew the nasty person the dumped me out.  Jenna had a hissy fit.  Jenna is a dog rescue person and knows almost nothing about cats.  She did know that what happened to me was not right and that she had to do something about it.  Jenna got a photograph of me, made a poster and put them up all over the place where I was dumped.  Not only that, Jenna got her dog rescue pals and they went door to door in this bad area trying to find me.  After about a week someone said they had seen me so that helped them narrow their search.  Found, they finally found me hiding under a car.  My fur was a total mess and I was pretty sick.  Jenna took me to a nice vet lady who helps her with some of her dog rescues.  The nice vet named Dr. Anderson said I was a pretty sick girl with several infections.  My poo even had bug parts in it since I ate a lot of bugs in order to keep going.

After I got a bit better I went to a foster home.  Jenna did not know, but the foster home had over 70 cats and some pit bulls.  Jenna knew she had to do something else.  Jenna has a friend in Connecticut so she contacted her to help.

Here is the picture from her blog that started my social media journey…

Dilute2 If you would like to read that original post you can find it at:
Dilute Cali Caught In the Middle

In the meantime Jenna got me out of there and into another foster home.  It wasn’t pleasant either and I was locked up in a small bathroom with a nasty tom cat.

So anyways, that nice lady posted me on her blog.  She also has a Twitter account and put a message out about a Dilute Calico in South Carolina that was in urgent need of help.  My brother has a Twitter account too.  I know what you’re thinking, Brian saw that message.  Nope.  The lady in Connecticut has a twitter pal that sent out tweets for Kat5Rescue and she re-tweeted the message (I guess that’s what it is called when someone passes your message on to their friends).  Yep, Brian saw that message and sent a message back asking where in South Carolina?  Judy at @Kat5Rescue wasn’t exactly sure so she went back to the lady in Connecticut and asked where in South Carolina?  The next day word came back that the where was Greenville, SC.  There was a lot of back and forth and I was actually supposed to be on a transport to Connecticut but that got messed up too.

Here is another post about me: More About the Dilute Kitty

Here is yet another post about me: Turds

Brian had sent a message back that maybe he could help.  Brian told me that he and Dad and Mom discussed it.  Brian said that of the millions of twitter messages that fly by every minute, what are the chances that he would see the one about me.  Brian felt that it was meant to be if he could convince Dad and Mom.  As I found out later, Brother Brian can be very convincing.

Brian asked the rescue lady Jenna to get in touch with his Dad.  Jenna and Dad talked.  The problem is the foster lady was a bit wacky and was not responding to Jenna’s calls.  Finally Jenna went to her place and just took me.  Jenna is totally my hero.  The foster lady was not giving me my medicine so I went back to the nice Dr. Anderson.  Jenna told my Dad that the vet said I either had Irritable Bowel Disease or was just terribly, terribly stressed.  Soft running poo isn’t not easy to deal with, but my new future Dad said he would take me anyways.

Here is the good news story: TERRY, YOU ROCK THE HOUSE DOWN

My hero Jenna picked me up and met my Dad, and as my luck would have it, it was pouring rain again.  I came to my new home and settled into my private bedroom.  It wasn’t long at all until I was able to venture out.  Here’s a picture of me when I first ventured out…


I settled right in and my Brother Brian made sure that everyone accepted me.  Oh, and the Irritable Bowel Disease, don’t have it, it was purely stress and a poor diet.  All is well.

My brother Brian always says you never know which message you send out will be the one that makes a difference.  I guess I am proof of that. There were lots of humans that helped me along the way and I am so thankful for each and every one of them, especially my hero Jenna for stepping up and saving my life and for Judy who used to send out tweets for @Kat5Rescue (Judy is now tweeting for @CastawayCritters) and of course Dr. Anderson for taking such good care of me.  And thanks Brother Brian for being on the right tweet at the right time.

Sorry this was a bit long, but I thought you might want to hear my whole story. I will have been in my forever home for one year coming up toward the end of October.  I’m one happy kitty!!!

Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!  Purrrrr! Zip! Later!


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62 thoughts on “Hijack Tuesday – The Social Media Rescue

  1. Sparkle

    I loved reading your story, Dolly! This Jenna human sounds like she is just incredible. My human knows Robin, the Covered in Cat Hair blogger, and she is great too. I am so glad they were all there for you, and helping get the word out about you. Paws up for social media!

  2. Bibliophile By the Sea

    This was well worth the wordy post if it helps to rescue even one cat. I am so glad Dolly found a loving home with you Brian.

  3. AFSS

    Oh Dolly thanks for sharing your story. It is nice to know that if all we can do to help rescues is share tweets or FB post, or blog IT DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

    We are so glad Brian convinced his parents to rescue you and that with a good diet and no stress your tummy troubles ended.

  4. Marg

    That is a great story about you Dolly. The best thing is that you found Brian and all of his family. The second best thing is that someone saw it on Twitter. That is so encouraging that there is a chance for all these homeless pets that we are trying to get homes for. So it does work sometimes. Thanks for telling us your story Dolly.

  5. The Teacher's Pets

    Well Hello Dolly! (hee-hee) I didn't mind one bit that your story was a bit long because ALL of it was very important and very encouraging. Your story is a reminder to me to get my Twitter account running after neglecting it for so long and I forget that my blog posts just might make a difference to animals everywhere. I often think that it's impossible to help a pet in another state but your story shows that it is possible.
    Thank you for sharing your story and I am so glad you are in a safe and caring home!

  6. Max the Quilt Cat

    Oh… I loved your story. I have a tear in my eye. Yes, I believe we are all online for a reason. How wonderful that it all worked out for you, Dolly. Have a great day.

  7. Reenie

    Loved reading your story, sweet girl. Very touching. I am surely glad you are finally in good hands.

    – Reenie (Sherkhan's mummy)

  8. diddleymaz

    what a story glad it had a happy and purrfect ending! love purrs and huge kudos to Brian and all the family.

  9. Mr. Pip

    Wow, this is truly an amazing story! I am so found such a wonderful home with Brian and family. Thanks for sharing!!!

    Your pal, Pip

  10. Mishkat

    Thanks so much for sharing your story, Dolly! We are so happy that you were (finally) rescued, and that you found such a wonderful home! We're sending many purrs to Jenna and the other humans who helped you – and extra purrs to your wonderful dad Terry, who does so much to help animals!

  11. Old Kitty

    Oh adorable Dolly!! This is a brilliant story – and an even more fantastic ending! Me and Charlie were on the edge of our seats reading it and going back and forth with the links too! 🙂

    We are so so so so pleased that brother Brian found you in tweeter land! We are so sorry for your awful start in life – we are truly sorry that you were declawed and left for dead. We are just ecstatic that you are now in your own wonderful forever home with your beautiful furblings – Grace, Sascha, Zoe and of course Brian! Yay for social networking!! And HUGS HUGS HUGS TO WONDERFUL JENNA, Dr Anderson and lovely Robin Olson!

    Thanks for sharing your story here Dolly!
    p.s. we hope that foster home where you were left in the bathroom with a tomcat no longer fosters? 🙁 Poor Dolly!!

    Take care

  12. The Chair Speaks

    Whoa, you had an interesting and eventful life! And now you have a wonderful loving home with Brian and family. Purrs.

  13. chezcat1970

    We didn't mind the wordiness! What a terrible start to to life–thank goodness you ended up in the right place!

  14. Hannah and Lucy

    My goodness – Dolly you had a terrible start in life – but what a lovely home and family you have now.

  15. Cory

    Dolly, we loved reading every word of your story and you could have written more! Concats on finding the best home EVER!

  16. The Kool~Kittie~Krew

    Oh Sweet Dolly~!!! we loved reading your story and mom's eyes were leaky (the happy kind), by the end of your story! Your brother is a sweet boy who knew you HAD to be his furever sisfur! And a B~~~~~I~~~~~G Kudos to Jenna!!!

  17. Admiral Hestorb

    Dolly sweet darling…I love you muchly just reading your story. Brian is such a wonderful brofurr for you and I know you already know how lucky a baby you are.

    Thank goodness for Twitter. I have a Twitter account too and I think your brofurr knows me but under a different name. I have seen myself what a difference the Twitter family can make.
    Love and purrs and bonks to you, sweet Dolly.

  18. Kea

    Dolly, your story truly is wonderful and heart-warming and made our mom's eyes leaky. She is SO happy you found your forever home! Big smooches to you!

  19. Sammy and Andy

    Hello, Dolly,
    How are you, Dolly?

    Thank you for sharing your story with us today…..and bless all those people that helped you along the way….and most of all to Brian and his mom and dad for giving you such a wonderful loving forever home. xxxxxxxxxx

  20. ♥I am Holly♥

    Dolly, your story is so sad in places and happy in others and mom has leaky eyes from reading it! We are just so very very happy that you ended up where you are…with Brian and the others and wonderful pawrents that love and care for you!! What a happy ending! Lots of love! Holly and Mom

  21. cats of wildcat woods

    Great story Dolly and proof that one tweet can make a huge difference! As the saying goes you can't save them all but you can make a difference for one or something like that!

  22. Penny

    I am so glad that Brian was on the computer and saw the Tweet about you.
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.


  23. Caren Gittleman

    Dolly I am so happy that you posted this and am so very, very happy that you now have such a wonderful home.
    I often RT tweets about doggies and kitties who need help and I am glad to see proof that they do indeed work!

  24. CCL Wendy

    Oh Dolly! What a terrible time you had before your furever home found you!

    That Jenna is a real heroine! Not many people would be that persistent. Thank heavens for her, and as you say for all those people who helped to get the word out.

  25. road-dog-tales

    Oh, wow, we love happy tales and tails 🙂 That's a great story and you're sure a lucky kitty!
    The Road Dogs

  26. Eric and Flynn

    Thank you for telling us your story Dolly. We are glad everything worked out the way it did, and you ended up in your forever home with Brian.

  27. Siku Marie, White Dog

    We love homeless pet stories that end "and they lived happily ever after!" Thank you, Dolly, for sharing your story and for reminding us that you can tell when a word or action is going to ripple out and make a huge difference. Jenna is one of the everyday heroes in this world that do not get the recognition they deserve for their caring peristence in making the World better! We look forward to being a part of your first Gotcha Day!

  28. ABBY

    We enjoyed your telling of your rescue story, and we are so glad that you shared it with us.I am so happy that you have found your forever and ever home with a happy ever after.


  29. Angie, Catladyland/Katt Food

    Dolly, that is a great story! There are so many great humans out there to help…so much good is happening in the world and you are living proof!

  30. Mickey,Georgia , Tillie

    Oh Dolly, that was such a great rescue story! With all the confusion,it's amazing you got your forever home 😮
    Guess it really was meant to be 🙂
    You are such a beautiful kitty!!!!

    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  31. Tamago

    Oh I loved your story. I am so moved. You had a hard life but found a wonderful, forever home. I agree, right posts and right readers on internet can make a difference. Thank you so much for sharing your story.

  32. Wally Ernie Zoey

    Wow, Dolly! That's quite a story!! We are so happy Jenna found you and so many others helped you find the loving home you have today!! You story just proves the power of the innernets!

  33. Au and Target

    Dolly despite all that bad luck at the beginning, you ended up in a good place. Glad to hear it. Your humans are lucky to have you too.

  34. A few Good Cats

    Terrific story, Dolly! It's encouraging to read that so many humans care and will help a little one who needs help like you.

  35. Sharon K. Mayhew

    Oh, Dolly! I'm so glad you told us your story and told us about Jenna. She sounds like an amazing woman! I'm glad that you are so happy in your new home with Brian. 🙂

  36. caspersmom

    Dolly I am so glad that you are living with Brian and found a great forever home. Actually your story wasn't all that long, I was at the end before I knew it. God Bless Jenna and Judy.


  37. Cara n Crew

    Dolly, we loved your story! We don't think we had heard the term Social Media Rescue until you had mentioned it earlier.

    We are so glad that Brian caught the tweet about you and everything worked out for you. What a great bunch of people, too, that helped you to the wonderful forever home you have now. Yow!

    -Pip, Smidgen, Minnnie

  38. Cat Street Boyz

    Dolly, you went from a zero to be saved by a hero! That was a wonderful story and should be sent to Readers Digest! It's great to read about happy endings……. that turn into happy beginnings! You did good Brian=^Y^=

  39. Janet

    What a great story! I'm glad you have a wonderful home now.

    My Rudy came to us through an email that was forwarded again and again. Finally came to us, and we took one look and knew he was ours.

  40. Kat_RN

    Great story, I am so glad it had a happy ending. Our Spontaneous had a digestive problem when she first arrived too. We are ever so glad that she is ok.

  41. Cat with a Garden

    Yours is a great story and we're absolutely pawsitive that it was menat to ne you came to live at Brian's home. Yay to social media!

  42. Hyacinth

    Sister Dolly, we are so delighted that your story had such a "happily ever after"…we are just thrilled that despite all the hardship that you went through, you finally found the perfect place to call home! Big Big Big hugs to your mom and dad and Brian and all your other sibs for bringing you into their home and loving you so much!

  43. Hilary

    What an amazing story… I have chills. I don't think I knew you guys when this happened…. I am so glad that this was on PBU this AM….

  44. Morticia

    You're right, Dolly! That WAS meant to be. I'm so happy you got a good furever home! I think you're VERY lucky to be a part of this family!

    Laura & Morticia

  45. Angel Abby

    Dolly since I originally posted I have crossed over to the Bridge but I just wanted to say again we are glad that your saving grace Jenna was so persistent and helped you find your way to your Mom and Dad.

  46. Kitties Blue

    Dolly, we didn’t know your story so read all the posts. You certainly had some very trying times, but you sure did luck out not being put on that transport ’cause you got a catabulous home. We hate that you had to suffer declawing, living on the street, eating bugs, infections and living with pit-bulls, but just think when you get ready to write your memoir, you will have quite a tale to tell. Have a furry good week. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Misty May, Mauricio, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

  47. Bev Green

    Dolly we read all your stories and boy you have had one very adventurous start on the road to Casa Frum 🙂 but it was all worth it to have the wonderful family you have now…those days far behind and a future stretching far in front..Happy Gotcha day sweet Dolly and bless all those who helped a girl out 🙂 Loves Fozziemum xxx

  48. Kitties Blue

    Dolly, you definitely are one lucky kitty, especially after being treated so poorly. Coming to live with Brian and family was exactly where you were meant to be. Happy 5th Gotcha Day! XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

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