Mancat Monday

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As it turns out it was a pretty busy weekend overall, that is if you don’t count all the napping on Sunday that we did.  We had one heck of a NipFest on Saturday and there was a whole lot of rolling going on! 

BlogPaws West was going on and it sounds like lots of my pals had a really good time out in Denver.  From what I hear it was fun and educational, a winning combination any old time.  Also, the Pettie Awards were announced at BlogPaws West.  You’ve probably already heard, but in case you haven’t, our friend Sparkle the Designer Cat won the Pettie Award for the Best Cat Blog and we’re all so excited for her. 

You know what?  I don’t remember doing a blog post last Thursday, I’ll have to go check on that one.  Oh, and I did have a bit of a milestone over the weekend, I now have over 10,000 followers on Twitter.  The more I can reach the more I can tell to adopt cats, because we deserve it!!!  Purrrr! Zip! Later!


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50 thoughts on “Mancat Monday

  1. Cat

    Dude, you are SO Mancat!!! I'm bowing to you and your mancatliness. Hot. Just plain sizzlin'! Purrs, Lautrec

    Brian, you are one goood-lookin' mancat. I especially like your stripes and your golden eyes. I would love to cuddle with you. As for last Thursday, I'm SURE you posted…no need to go check because I honestly remember reading a Thursday post, so just forget about checking…take my word. :o) Purrs and cuddles, Tiny

  2. The Island Cats

    Wow, Brian! You got over 10,000 followers?? That's amazing! We know we are one of them, even if we don't tweet that much!

  3. The Taylor CatSSSSS

    Brian, you are lookin' good, as usual!!! Love the paw placement in the picture! MOL


  4. The Monkeys

    Congrats on your Twitter followers! What an awesome accomplishment!

    We think you probably need a break after that busy weekend!

  5. Sweet Praline

    Congratulations on the Twitter followers. If more kitties can be adopted because of it, that makes it even better.

  6. Marg

    Oh Brian, you are one handsome dude. Also congrats on the Twitter followers. That is really good. Hope you and your family have a great week.

  7. cats of widlcat woods

    Wow that's a lot of followers. Mom thanks you for retweeting her pet rescue tweets. Great work you are doing.

  8. Kea

    Concats on having 10,000 followers on Twitter! That's impressive!

    We'd follow you too, if we were on Twitter or even Facebook, but our human won't do either. She says she doesn't have time for just blogging, never mind anything else! LOL.

    Have a terrific week!

  9. Cory

    Wow! 10,000 followers on Twitter!? I just signed up this last week and I'm just figuring it out.

    We had a great time at BlogPaws and a full report will come later this week. I love the idea of sending my flat self on a road trip with all the flat CB kitties!!!

  10. Admiral Hestorb

    Cooncats Brian, I love reading your Tweets. I may be about to fold my tent on Twitter for awhile and just leave it to mom on hers. In any case, I'll be watching for you and the other Tortie and tabby cats.

  11. Hannah and Lucy

    Congrats Brian on your 10,000 twitter followers – it must be your handsome face that makes your tweets so popular.

  12. Sharon K. Mayhew

    You tweet! I'll have to be follower number 10,001.

    I'm glad you had such a nice weekend and congrat's to your sparkly friend…I tried to leave you a comment yesterday, but the internet got mad at me and kept giving me a blank blogger screen. ?

    Have a great week…

  13. AttieCattie

    that is a pretteh steamy look you has going on today, Brian dear! sounds like you had a great weekend. thanks for your vote of confidence about me and Lolo, you is always such a good furrend, i hopes he says yes!

  14. Cheysuli and gemini

    Looking good! I plan on doing some of that nap thing now that the Woman is home from Blogpaws West! And she got to meet the famous Sparkle the Cat's mom!!!

  15. Hyacinth

    Brian, you are just a Rock Star! Congrats on your 10,000 followers! Yay for spreading the message to Adopt Cats (oh, and woofies too) 😉

  16. Katnip Lounge

    Brian, you are just a super Cat, working to get our homeless friends adopted.
    We nipped out over the weekend, too! Good times.

  17. Sparkle

    OMC, 10,000 is a LOT of Twitter followers! Concatulations! BTW, I was amazed I won the Pettie – all the other blogs are great too!

  18. ♥I am Holly♥

    Brian, that is wonderful!! 10,000 Twitter followers!!! You are indeed very popular!!! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  19. Mishkat

    Wow! We can't believe you have over 10,000 followers! We know you use your Twitter to help other cats, so we think that's wonderful! Good going, Brian!

  20. Carolyon

    Wow! 10,000 follows! Your famous!
    That picture was an excellent one of you! Shows off how handsome you are!


  21. Pierro

    You have a lot of friends Brian. That is cool. You look very mancatly in this picture and rightly so.


  22. The Teacher's Pets

    I think you deserved to nap a lot on Sunday especially after accomplishing the amazing feat of gaining 10,000 followers on Twitter! How do you find the time? You must be one disciplined cat!
    Buster the 20 Pound Cat

  23. SuziQCat

    That's a lot of twitter followers!! Spread the word good man…stray cats and dogs need all the help they can get!

  24. Sagira

    10,000 followers? really? Wow, I am excited with 68. I had 69 but must have bored someone so I am back down to 68. BOL

  25. Spitty-the-Kitty

    If it were up to me, you'd have another Twitter follower, but my Human just can't deal. But we read you everyday! I think you should have $20,000!

  26. Tamago

    Over 10,000 followers! That's so amazing, congratulations! I hope more and more kitties will be adopted and have a happy life.

  27. Your Daily Cute

    10,000 followers! Wow. Concats, Brian!

    BlogPaws was definitely a blast. Wish you could have come!

  28. Siku Marie, White Dog

    Congrats on your Twitter milestone. When I need to get the word out on something REALLY important, I know just the mancat to turn to! Glad NipFest was extra special. Hope your week starts well…and ends even better.

  29. Jacqueline

    You are such a handsome mancat, Brian…Wow, congratulations on over 10,000 Twitter followers=that's amazing!…Happy week, sweet friends…xoxo….Calle, Halle, Sukki

  30. Eric and Flynn

    The nip fest sounded good. No wonder you had to nap all day Sunday. Concats on your 10,000 followers.That's a lot!

  31. Lynx217

    I'm back and still following you. As per my latest blog post, I'm letting everyone that's in my following list know I still have them.
    Wow, Brian, such a serious look on your face!

  32. Old Kitty

    Oh wow handsome Brian!!! 10,000 followers on twitter!! Yay for you!! Well done you!!!

    And yay too for Sparkle the Designer Cat!!

    These are truly wondeful news to celebrate!!! yay!!!!

    Me and Charlie are raising a glass of good cheer to sweet Gracie, Zoe, Dolly and Sascha too! Take care

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