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It sure has been a week, but at least Friday is here and the weekend is upon us.  Today T.G.I.F. means Today’s Giving Is Forever.


Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week
Special attention for special adoptable pets
Sept. 19 – 25


It really is true, what we give today can last forever.  The good news is that the giving part is free, it just requires a little bit of your time. Our BlogPaws friends have challenged all of us to indeed Be The Change For Pets, and special focus is on Special Needs Pets.  You know exactly what I’m talking about too, the ones most likely to be overlooked by potential forever homers.  Yep, they are all too often completely overlooked because of their “special needs”.  Whether it be medical, behavioral, or otherwise, potential adopters are often overlooking the best of the best when it comes to love and appreciation.

Can we really Be The Change for Pets?  Can we really Be The Change for Special Needs Pets?  The answer is yes, absolutely yes!  Let’s just keep this message constantly with us every single day.  The Blogosphere is indeed vast, and the Cat Blogosphere is a powerful influence.  We not only can do it, we must do it!

Let me take a few minutes to tell you about a few Special Need cats from my town.

Meet Baby Lily


As if being a Senior gal isn’t enough to get this sweetie overlooked, Baby Lily has a thyroid problem and requires medication.  Here is what her Petfinder.com Page Has to say :

Looking for a committed, fun-loving person to spend my life with–for better not worse, in sickness and in health, as long as we both shall live? If so, then I’m the cat for you! Cute, playful female with eyes to pierce your soul and a personality to capture your heart! If you’re up for a love battle and a little misbehavin’, I’m just what you’ve been looking for.  I require thyroid medicine 2X/day, but that doesn’t stop me from being a real sweetheart!

So riddle me this Batman, what’s not to love about this gal?

Meet Tess


Tess only has one problem, she is a senior gal, and it seems everyone wants a kitten.  Seniors are often among the most overlooked.  Her is what her Petfinder.com Page Has to say :

Have accomplished what I came to do in my present circumstances. This quiet, very shy angel is looking for a new assignment. (Would prefer it to include a warm bed to hide under too!)

Spayed/Neutered • Up-to-date with routine shots • Prefers a home without: dogs.

Meet Sushi


Sushi had a bit of a problem and was surrendered by her previous owner.  I can tell you right now that I have almost a zero tolerance for that type of human.

Here is what her Petfinder.com Page Has to say :

Please contact Holly Tree Animal Hospital for additional information and your interest in Sushi. 864-288-8908 Sushi is a 1 year-old, spayed female who is declawed and microchipped. Sushi will tolerate other cats but prefers to be only cat. She does, however, love dogs! She is a very sweet and playful girl with a great deal of charm.

Sushi was surrendered by her previous owner due to urinating outside her litterbox. The veterinarian believes she has sterile cystitis. As a result, she needs to be fed a special diet (Urinary SO) and is currently taking Clomicalm and Cosequin once daily. She has been living with us for a couple of weeks and has NOT urinated outside the litterbox yet. She started taking Clomicalm after being surrendered and we believe this to be helping resolve the urinary issue.

Sushi simply needs someone who will adore her and provide her with a relaxed, loving and caring home. In return she will…

Another riddle from me…what kind of human would do that?  Answer: the lowest of lows!

Meet Red


Red has a herpes infection of the eye and requires drops.  Yep, that’s pretty much it, but enough to get poor Red overlooked.  Here is what Red’s Petfinder.com Page Has to say :

Male – neutered
Orange tabby
9 lbs, 1 year old
Everything goes better with "Red":
I’m a very mellow and loving guy. I get along so well with others, my foster mom Susan calls me "the feline Gandhi." I was born in 2009, I was a starving stray kitten but now I’m fostered in a loving home environment. I have "Herpes infection of the eye." My eyes don’t always look this different, the photographer caught me in the middle of a flare-up. It is not contagious to other animals or humans. I just need a little extra help in the form of eye drops as needed, when I have a flare-up. I can see OK and I like to play. I have been fully vetted by the good people of CCA, which includes testing negative to FIV and FeLV. CCA requires a donation, references, application and contract to adopt. Contact Susan, email: catfanatic@charter.net, tel. 864-399-9493 or stop-by Pet Smart…

Red just wants to be loved, pure and simple.

Meet Mamie


Mamie has Lynx Syndrome and can’t always control her bowel, but most of the time she can.  That’s enough to get her overlooked.  But we’re hoping the right human family will be looking.

Here is what her Petfinder.com Page Has to say :

Female – spayed
Tortoiseshell Manx
9 lbs, 2 years old
My kittens have all found homes, it’s my turn!:
I’m sweet and loving, and get along well with others. I was born in 2008. When I was found with my kittens, I was starving and near death, weighing only 5 pounds. I gave everything to keep my babies alive. They are all healthy and happy now and have found homes. I’m doing much better now, I’m well fed and playful. But I am a Manx with no tail, and I have Manx Syndrome. I use my litterbox but because of Manx Syndrome, I can’t always control my bowels. I have been fully vetted by the good people of CCA, which includes testing negative to FIV and FeLV. CCA requires donation, references, application and contract to adopt. Contact Kathy, email: lanaen@gmail.com, tel. 864-422-1397 or stop-by Pet Smart Laurens Rd., Greenville, SC Sundays from 1-5pm.
Mamie is up-to-date…

bethechangeIt’s up to us then, isn’t it?  We can Be The Change For Pets and we can put our best paw forward and Be The Change For Special Needs Pets.  What are you going to do?


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35 thoughts on “T.G.I.F. Today’s Giving

  1. Catherine

    Friday always seems to take forever to get here Brian!!!

    You have a very beautiful post today sweet kitty!

    Happy Friday to you.
    xo Catherine

  2. Sparkle

    Oh wow, all these kitties sound totally pawsome! Adopting a pet is a lifetime commitment and I don't get how some humans can just abandon a kitty like some of those here (or some of the ones I've featured). I just hope there are more good humans in the world than the bad ones… otherwise, is there really ANY hope?

  3. Cat

    What nice kittehs!! Tiny and I and our Mom hope that they all find perfect homes…we know about being seniors so we can totally relate to that issue…we know we would want to be adopted by someone nice if we were in their paws so we are purring really, really hard that they will soon be on their way to forever homes. Purrs and snuggles, Lautrec and Tiny

  4. Old Kitty

    Oh my goodness. All these beautiful kitties overlooked for the tiniest of medical reasons or that they're old. Poor babies!!! Me and Charlie wish and pray and purr very loudly and very hard for all of them to find caring, patient and loving homes.

    The greatest most rewarding times I've had with my previous kitties were when they needed looking after when they were ill and they relied on me to provide and the love and trust you get in return is like no other. It's something I do not get from humans. It's so profound and touching and so uncomplicated – it's the best. So the people who overlook these sweet kitties just do not know what they're missing!

    Hello sweet Brian, Grace, Zoe, Dolly and Sascha!

    Take care

  5. Marg

    Those sure are a bunch of good looking kitties. We would love to take Tess, but we have dogs. She is so cute and she looks like she has a great personality. They are all cute and we sure hope they all find terrific homes.
    Have a great weekend.

  6. Caren Gittleman

    what a wonderful post today Brian, featuring all of these wonderful kitties!

    I wish I could help "Be The Change" by adopting ALL of them!

    My first cat (my angel Bobo) was adopted as a stray…and my current kitty (Cody) was adopted at Petco through a rescue that brought doggies and kitties in every week.
    I hope that others will open their hearts/homes to some kitties/doggies in need!

  7. The Taylor CatSSSSS

    Brian, thank you for featuring these beauties! Mommy wishes that we had more room, but we are full up right now! We are sorry that we didn't get to HOP with you yesterday, Mommy was feeling a bit under the weather.

    Hope you all have a great weekend!

    Love, uSSSSS

  8. The Kool~Kittie~Krew

    What little love bugs they all look like! We are purraying furry hard that EVERY ONE of them finds their furever home!!!

  9. Hannah and Lucy

    All my lovely kitties have been rescues except one and he was a farm cat's kitten.
    We hope that all those kitties get the good and caring homes they deserve.

  10. Fin

    Blogger ate my comment! I guess it was hungry…

    Anyway this post is great, I hope it helps find homes for these kitties.

  11. meowmeowmans

    Great post, Brian! You're absolutely right … these lovely kitties need homes! After all, they might be "less adoptable," but that doesn't mean they are NOT adoptable. We will purr and pray that they find forever homes real soon, with families who see them as PURRfect.

  12. AFSS

    Wow, Mommy fell for all the cats but we has to put our foot down. But we are purring they all find great forever homes.

    (whispering) no Fenris you can't have the cat that loves dogs, U are as bad as Mommy. We don't get enough lap time as is.~The cats

  13. ♥I am Holly♥

    What nice kitties! We sure hope that somebody adopts them and gives them furever homes. Lots of love, Holly and mom

  14. chezcat1970

    WE are purring that someone adopts these kitties! Our grandparents adopted an older kitty and she is a love sponge!

  15. cats of wildcat woods

    So sad that some beans want absolutely perfect pets – what they don't realize is that these guys are perfect – they just need a little extra TLC! Great post Brian!

  16. Cheysuli and gemini

    We always want to take so many of them home! We wish we had more space and that Cheysuli would tolerate other cats more easily..

  17. Love Meow

    They are so sweet. We are sending our purrs and prayers to these lovely little ones. Hope they find their forever loving home soon.

  18. Pierro

    All kitties deserve love and a safe home! This is something our beans can do to help. Most shelters can use cash donations and other necessities such as snuggly beds and good foods and fun toys. We try to provide those things to our local shelters.
    Every little bit helps

    bonks to you and your sisters

  19. JB's Big and Small Worlds

    What a great post! We hope all these special kitties get forever homes really soon!

  20. Admiral Hestorb

    Those babies make my eyes leak..I love them all. Especially the senior little girls so like my own baby. And the boys..Oh I wish I could have them all.

    The Admiral's mom

  21. Mishkat

    We're purring for every single one of these kitties. (Our mom wishes we could adopt them all!) We all have minor issues like the cats above and our humans are OK with that. We wish all other humans could be the same way!

  22. Katnip Lounge

    All these kitties look like they have TONS of love to give! The best part about an adult pet is thay the crazies of kittenhood are done. And "problems" can be coped with so pets can have a good life.

  23. ABBY

    It always makes us so sad to see over looked kitties. Momma says I was a less adoptable kitty because I was older (I was 6 when she adopted me)and also I have the same problem as Mamie. I can't always control myself either, but Momma just cleans it up and goes on. She knows that a lot of people wouldn't …

    So we understand.

  24. Siku Marie, White Dog

    Incredible post, my friend! It makes me mad when I hear of pups and kitties who spend their lives being loyal companions and loving family members and the minute they get old or develop ailments, they are discarded like used, broken toys! When we adopted Quinn, animal control listed him as 1-1/2 yo, and when questioned admitted he was between 6-8! The worst was that they then wanted to know if we still wanted him since he was such an old dog! OMG!

  25. Cat Street Boyz

    That was a very nice post Brian. Mommy adopted Cherokee at 7 years old. He was returned by the first adopters because he kept hiding….can you believe that! It took several weeks before Mommy finally was able to take Cherokee home. Mommy visited him every weekend and when the main adoption woman went on vacation another woman let Mommy take him because she could tell by her visits that she really wanted him. Cherokee has been with us for 10 happy years!!!=^Y^=

  26. caspersmom

    We hope that all these kitties that you have on your post will get a forever home. Mom says ever since Patches got her thyroid disease she has seen more cats with it. Never thought any one of us would get it.


  27. The Island Cats

    What a great post today, Brian! Yes, we can be the change for pets!! The ones you featured today would make anybody a wonderful companion!!

  28. HubbleSpacePaws

    (((Brian, Sascha, Dolly, Zoe and Gracie))) Thank you for putting these precious pets! Paws crossed for each and every one!

  29. Oscar The Cat

    They are beautiful special kitties!

    A while ago you kindly visited my blog. Thank you! It has taken me far too long to get onto the computer and come visit!! (Surely I should have my own right?!)

    Have a great weekend!

    Oscar The Cat

  30. missbreezysbox

    I wish I could adopt all those kitties. They are so lovely. Wonderful post, thank you. I donate to the Poppy foundation here in Las Vegas, which is at a Vet hospital and takes care of special need kitties that need daily medicine.

    Thanks for stopping by our blog-Harley gets enough nibbles and snacks around here. He is actually on a decrease of food and I guess that was his protest.

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