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Today I am thankful that there are humans that are so will to help, in a variety of situations and circumstances.  The situation I am thinking of is not a pleasant one, but fortunately there is help available.  That situation is animal hoarding and no doubt you have seen several things on television about this situation.

Animal hoarding is a serious animal welfare problem that affects every community in the country… but hardly anyone is doing anything about it. It’s only when the hoarding degenerates into criminal animal abuse that authorities can get involved. Before then, it festers, with helpless pets locked away inside the homes of people who are often suffering from serious emotional problems. Most hoarders start out as dedicated pet owners or want to turn their love for animals into a legitimate business- through breeding, unfortunately they let their situation get out of hand. Studies have shown that without psychological help the recidivism rate for animal hoarders is near 100 percent. We can provide the psychological help, professional support and find new homes for the animals. Unfortunately, Animal Hoarding affects every different species of animals and the exotic pet community.

Here are a few facts:

  • There are approximately 250,000 reported animals that are victims of animal hoarding every year.
  • Animal hoarding impacts communities across North America on a daily basis with approximately 3,500 reported new cases discovered each year.
  • Animal hoarders have also been known to hoard objects; approximately 40 percent of object hoarders also hoard animals.

    Only 65% of hoarding cases involve cats, and the second largest percentage is dogs. Animal hoarders have been known to hoard rabbits, birds, reptiles, exotic pets, native wildlife and farm animals.

    I am thankful today that there is an organized effort to help. 

    Confessions: Animal Hoarding, a documentary series on Animal Planet, works with families and friends of animal hoarders to find ways to reach out and offer help: humane placement, veterinary care, psychological treatment, even housecleaning. I am thankful that some one is stepping forward to help and they asked me to pass on this valuable information to my readers. I know this is something we might not think about, and I suppose that is part of the problem, we just don’t think about it because it is not our way of life.

    Please check out the following resource: The Animal Hoarding Project

    You can also watch the latest news coverage of this cause at:


    Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!! Purrrrr! Zip! Later!


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    36 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

    1. Old Kitty

      OH there was a recent case here of this dog breeder who won prizes a couple of years ago for her doggies but was this year found guilty of animal hoarding. The poor doggies rescued were in such awful state! Similarly this racehorse breeder a couple of years ago too – some horsies were in such a bad way they had to be put down.

      It's very very very sad for the animals – and yes these people really do need psychological help!

      Thanks for giving attention to this problem handsome Brian!

      Hugs too to your sweet sisters Zoe, Dolly, Sascha and Gracie! Take care

    2. Bibliophile By the Sea

      You bring up an important topic. In fact, I just heard of a case in Vermont where (2) women were charged when authorities found (81) cats in (2) parked vehicles. The (2) women said they were trying to find homes at no kill shelters for these strays.

      The intentions are often good, however, not always in the best interest of the animals.

    3. chezcat1970

      As a rescue from a cat hoarder, i fully applaud you for getting that information out! ~Lizzie

    4. The Island Cats

      Thanks for that info, Brian! We think animal hoarding is terrible and we're glad that there is an organized effort to help this situation.

    5. Hannah and Lucy

      Thanks for airing this subject Brian – we were both rescued from a house where there were over 100 cats. We know we don't have the same mother as our ages are close but Lucy is a month or so younger. Whether we had the same father is anyone's guess.
      The RSPCA rescued us and we got our jabs, were wormed etc and had hooharectomies before we were placed in the cattery. Luckily our mum wanted a new kitty to take the place of the one who had just gone to the bridge and she chose both of us.
      Our wish is that no-one should be allowed to let this happen.
      Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

    6. Kea

      Our mom can see how it would happen. Some kind-hearted soul takes in rescued animals and strays and the next thing you know, s/he is living with 300 animals.

      We're not sure if any organization is in place to help, across Canada, other than local rescue organizations like the SPCAs and affiliates.

      It's a very good topic to address.

      There was something on our news recently, not of animal hoarding but hoarding in general. A fire started in this man's home and while he did get out okay, firefighters had to go in all bent over because this man had "stuff" and garbage 4 feet deep through his entire house. NOT kidding. Pretty scary.

    7. Sweet Praline

      That is a very sad situation. I'm very sure these people start out with good intentions, but need help before things get too bad. Thanks for sharing this important information.

      My mom is up in Greenville for two days. I told her to wave at you while she was up there.

    8. Admiral Hestorb

      we have had several of those very sad and pitiful hoarding cases here in my Country. It is heart breaking.

      The problem is exacerbated by the hoarders never being aware that what they are doing is beyond cruel.

    9. SuziQCat

      Thank you for sharing this information Brian…I think bringing attention to a problem is a great way to find help. The hoarding shows on Discovery Health have had a couple of folks with animals too…it is so hard to watch.

    10. Sammy and Andy

      Wonderful info, Brian!!!!!!! We have had a few of these instances reported in San Antonio and it is so sad. And also sad is the fact that the "hoarders" are usually thinking they are doing a good thing taking in the kitties.

      What a world we live in!!!!!!!!!!!! We are so lucky to have such wonderful beans!!!!!

      Love to you, your sisters and your 'rents.

    11. Marg

      That is such a good subject. I have heard about hoarding but didn't think about it as a huge problem but I guess it is. I really feel sorry for people that have that problem because they aren't helping the cats and don't realize it. It is so sad for the animals that have to live like that. Thanks for all that good information.

    12. Cheysuli and gemini

      I think today rather than your adopt cats comment, you should say, "Adopt cats. But not too many." (to paraphrase Michale Pollan from his food book).

      Hoarding situations are difficult.

    13. Mr. Echo

      It's very sad when cats and people get trapped into that hoarding cycle. I imagine one day you just look around and wonder "how did this happen?" and then you don't know what to do next. Sad.

    14. ♥I am Holly♥

      That's a very good subject Brian. We recently had some older man close to where we live reported and he had almost a hundred cats and dogs. Most were in fairly good health thank the Lord but they were taken away from him except for a few. He was on the news and he was crying saying how they were all his family and it was just a really sad situation. He was trying to take care of some which soon became way too many for him. Lots of love, Holly and mom

    15. The Monkeys

      Hoarding is such an awful situation and we thank you for bringing attention to it. Our Mom used to work as a rental agent for loft apartments and they came across one a tenant who was doing that. They only found out once they moved and it was awful for Mommy to see the terrible conditions. We are glad there are more things that can be done now!

    16. Caren Gittleman

      thank you very much for such a sensitive, important and necessary post.
      animal hoarding is such a serious issue. I have watched the show on The Animal Planet and I have to say that sometimes I just can't watch it because it upsets me so.
      Thank you for being such a sensitive and wise kitty Brian

    17. GreatGranny

      It just really hurts that this happens. I'm really thankful Mom rescued me from the shelter. I wasn't a stray, but all we knew was my age and name…….Kassey

    18. Sparkle

      I wish there were better ways to deal with animal hoarding, but it's hard – the problem only comes to light after the animals are already suffering. I'm glad for any help that happens, though!

    19. Embee Cavaliers

      What a hard but important topic to blog about. I to on this thankful fur Thursday, am thankful to those who help with animal hoarding. Very informative.

    20. Life with 5 dogs

      Animal Hoarding is such a important topic. Thank you for taking the time to blog about it.

    21. Shawn Becker

      Thanks for the great post. I saw a Hoarder on Animal Planet that was feeding her cats a vegetarian meal of white rice. Poor little guys and the hoarder felt she was doing the right thing!

    22. ABBY

      Mom said that it is hard for her to watch those animal hoarder shows because she feels such empathy for the animals. She also says that Animal Planet has another show on called "Fatal Attractions" that is mind boggling as well. Ultimately it is the animals that are the ones being misunderstood, and it's sad that the humans, maybe not meaning to, exploit them.

      We are all glad Mom loves us


    23. CindyLu's Muse

      Kudos to you for tackling the subject, and for including so much information! It is certainly a serious one. So many of us focus on whether pets are homeless, yet sometimes having a home can be awful, too.

    24. Siku Marie, White Dog

      You are SO right–hoarding is a big unaddressed issue in the lives of all kinds of animals. And it is doubly sad because there are two victims…the poor animals involved and the mentally ill human who usually hoards not out of greed but out of love and need. More needs to be done to intervene earlier in the cycle in positive, not criminal driven ways…and pets taken from such situations certainly do NOT deserve to die in animal control shelters!

    25. Au and Target

      A fascinating piece, Brian, and a topic that we in Malaysia spend practically no time on. Too much effort still needs to go to making laws against cruelty and poaching. Love this post.

    26. caspersmom

      This was very interesting. Thanks Brian for this information. I actually never heard of hoarding animals before. I have seen people hoarding stuff where they couldn't even get around in their own houses so I guess it could happen with animals. I'm just thankful that these dogs could be helped and the woman gave them up. Guess my ex-neighbor could have started hoarding cats. She had sixteen and really wasn't able to take care of them properly. The cats got their food but sometimes she didn't eat very well. She finally decided she couldn't handle them all anymore and found someone who could help her find forever homes for all but two, which she kept. I would have loved to have kept one of them but I was over the limit here in the mobile home park.

    27. Karen Jo

      Thank you for such an informative post on such a heart-rending subject. Both the animals and the people are suffering in such cases. I am glad that there is more help for all of them now.

    28. Bossy Betty

      Yes, this is a serious problem and heartbreaking too! Thanks for bringing it to people's attention!

    29. Katnip Lounge

      I can see how it happens…we have 13 cats and it's so hard to not take in more. Hubby and I have such a hard time with homeless kitties. We've had to put our foot down and help in other ways, instead.

    30. Eric and Flynn

      Animal hoarding is an important topic, but one that we usually only hear about when the animals are suffering. Deliberate cruelty should always be punished with the maximum penalty, but when someone hoards thinking they are helping, but then it gets out of control, these people should be helped if possible. If they genuinely want to help the animals they should be allowed to keep no more than two and should have regular spot checks to ensure they don't start hoarding again.

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