A Christmas Wish from Moosie

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Imagine what this poor sweet gal has gone through.  First, her human up and leaves her for the Rainbow Bridge and then her brother had left her too.  She’s 12 years young and is distraught about this turn of events.  She is a kind soul who loves to love and be loved.  She loves to have her gorgeous fur combed too.

Moosie has a Christmas wish.  Moosie really, really, really would love to have a nice retirement home.  She would be totally delighted.  As a matter of fact, that is the ONLY THING on her Christmas list.  She’s having a hard time believing in miracles these days, it just seems that nobody wants her.  She’s hopeful that a Christmas miracle can happen.  Will you help find Moosie a home for Christmas?  Please post about her one more time, please tweet about her one more time, please put her on Facebook one more time.  We’ve just got to come through for her.  Please put this badge on your blog with a link back to this post.  Let’s help that miracle happen for Moosie.


Remember, adopt cats (see Moosie), we deserve it!!!  Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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48 thoughts on “A Christmas Wish from Moosie

  1. Catherine

    Crossing our fingers and our paws for sweet Moosie! Every kitty should get a warm home for Christmas. Warm thoughts,
    Catherine & Banjo

  2. Hilary

    My fingers, and alex's paws are crossed for sweet Moosie! I am sorry my cousin wasn't able to help….

  3. GRAÇA

    Brian a tua carta para o sorteio tem que vir até dia 2 Dezembro ,estou a contar contigo…
    Eu gostáva muito de ajudar Moosie é tão linda mas a mamy ainda não tem faceb e eu a por no meu blog achas que vale …ela não pode vir para cá….como a Angela não pode vir mamy a queria mas diz que é muito dificil mandar vir um amiguinho do estrangeiro..só vindo com uma pessoa que fosse dono(fingir),mas ninguem faz isso, tenho muita pena de não poder ajudar ….mamy já está com lagrimas nos olhos …se ela podesse ajudaria todos os bichinhos abandonados….não sainos euromolhões!!!!
    Tua amiguinha

  4. The Monkeys

    We are keeping our paws crossed that sweet Moosie gets adopted. We know from adopting Bella that a senior cat is SO wonderful to adopt. You are rewarded with so much love – and Moosie looks like she's got so much love to give

  5. Kea

    We've put the badge on our left sidebar and linked. We don't understand why she hasn't found a wonderful home yet, she's such a sweetie!

    Lots of purrs and purrayers for her, that she finds her home in time for Christmas!

  6. Mr. Pip

    I am crossing my paws for sweet Moosie. I will include her in my post tomorrow. Where is she located now? Is she in a safe place now?

    Your pal, Pip

  7. Tracy

    Oh beautiful Moosie……I certainly hopes she finds a home. I'd love to offer her min but we have a two year old golden, therefore, it wouldn't be a place of rest and relaxation for ol' Moosie…
    I'll keep her in my thoughts and prayers that she finds a safe loving home!

  8. Anya

    I hope she will find VERY SOON a home
    a very good home !!!!

    Hugs to all
    and special for Moosie
    Kareltje =^.^=

  9. Hannah and Lucy

    We are purring overtime for Moosie to get a new furever home in time Christmas. We hope she gets her miracle.

  10. The Island Cats

    We can't believe Moosie hasn't found a home yet!! We are purring very very hard that her Christmas wish comes true!!

  11. Sammy and Andy

    We are purraying that Moosie will find a wonderful loving furever retirement home…..miracles happen every day and we just know there will be one for Moosie.


  12. Old Kitty

    Beautiful Moosie!! Me and Charlie will purr very very very hard that she finds a forever home!! It'll be a perfect christmas pressie for sweet Moosie!!

    Take care

  13. Cat

    Oh Brian, I'm hoping that Moosie gets her christmas miracle! I have posted her picture on my blog, hoping that helps 🙂 Please tell the people who are looking after Moosie that we think they are wonderful for helping her!!

  14. ♥I am Holly♥

    Moosie is so beautiful. She deserves a good furever home. She has been through so much heartbreak already. We really hope and pray somebody will give her a nice and wonderful home. Lots of love, Holly and mom

  15. GreatGranny

    I only wish I could have another cat. She is precious and I do hope she's adopted into a loving home.

  16. Amy and The House of Cats

    Oh Moosie we so wish you had your forever home by now. And well, we think that a lot of people probably would love to have you, but like us know you would just be miserable because there are other cats already. We have a badge up at our blog and we are purring so hard for you to get a wonderful forever home very soon!

  17. Cat

    We're purring for Moosie and The Wood has added your link to his tomorrow's blog. We do hope she finds a home NOW!!! Purrs, Lautrec, Tiny and Ellwood

  18. Ginger Jasper

    I so so hope that sweet darling gets a loving home and finds the love that is so deserved. Hugs GJ x

  19. OKcats

    Oh goodness, we know that Moosie would make somebody a wonderful companion. Our mom always feels so sad for the cats who have to go live at the shelter after their people have passed away. What a shock for them. We're going to put Moosie's wish on our list for Sandy Claws. We haven't been the best cats all year, but maybe we've been good enough to get that present.

  20. Eric and Flynn

    We hope Moosie gets her Forever home soon. It would be lovely if she could get it for Christmas.

  21. Casper Bear

    Oh I do hope that Moosie gets a forever home for Christmas! You are sooooo beautiful Moosie! Keeping all my paws crossed for you and I will add this link to my blog.
    Lotsa Licks
    Casper Bear

  22. Levi Mac

    Mamma would love to have Moosie but I don't think Moosie would love to have me. I will post about Moosie tomorrow and I put the badge on my page. I hope we can find her a home!

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