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Okay my fellow mancats and ladycats, imagine if your owners up and went across the Rainbow Bridge.  Then imagine that your only brother left for the Bridge too.  You’re all alone, depending on strangers.  That is the plight of poor sweet Moosie.

We need to collectively step up our efforts and help this sweet gal.  If we don’t come through for her I just don’t know what the poor thing will do.  Can you help tell more humans about her?   Please?


As a refresher, here is the original info that was posted on the Cat Blogosphere…

My name is Moosie and I am a floofy 12-year old girl. My human Mommy went to the Bridge and left me alone. My bestest furriend brofur also went to the Bridge. I’m just lost right now and ever so lonely. I am very affectionate. I love to sing and cuddle and have my floofy Maine Coon furs brushed. I would really like to be a spoiled only cat, but might love a house with a quiet brofur. Transportation via Continental Airlines can be arranged at no cost. I am being cared for by Becky, my Mommy’s sister-in-law, who is a friend of Millie’s Mom Lynne.  Moosie is on the east coast close to D.C. and Baltimore areas.

On October 15th I received this update from her caretaker, Becky:

I would like to explain a little about her if I may.

We had to fight to save her life.  Her vet and another sister in law who’d been taking care of her sister in her last days both thought Moosie was too anxiety-ridden to adapt to any other environment.  Her vet actually called her in the "top 5 percentile" of nervous cats.  We were expecting a basket case when we met her last week (she’d never come out from hiding anytime we visited my husband’s sister, in years).  She cried in the car, but we felt she wasn’t panic-stricken.  She came out of her carrier a little bit once we got her into the large bedroom and bathroom "suite" she now calls home, but spent much of the first night in her carrier.  The next morning, she was eating, and showing affection and letting us pet her.  She’s improved on that every day. She now comes to the door to greet us, with her tail up, and it doesn’t take much to get her purring her heart out. 

We think she was a victim of bullying, probably by the alpha female in the house, and possibly by that cat’s natural sibling male.  They’ve found a home in Tennessee, with friends of the sister in law who was here.  With Moosie feeling safe and loved, she is showing her affectionate side.  So I do feel it’s important that she has very little other cat contact.  She was fond of the older male in the house, who had to be sent to the Bridge when he was found to be too ill to travel to Tennessee himself. 

She adapted much more quickly to me than to my husband.  My sister in law was somewhat of a recluse, so I’d be surprised if she had much company in the house, and probably very few were gentlemen, if any.  I’d actually be surprised if Moosie has ever seen a child!  She was rescued from a barn as a kitten, and she is now 12.  She has a thyroid condition and has to take 1 pill per day.  Both her late mommy and we have been slicing a pill into quarters and putting the tiny pieces on her food.  She eats that with no problem at all.  She also has a sensitive tummy.  She has a prescription for some dry food (crunchies) although I haven’t seen her eat much of that.  She eats a low-carbohydrate diet, which is not a prescription.  Currently she eats Fancy Feast Medleys.  Her vet says the thyroid medication runs about $55 for a 60 day supply.

She needs to be brushed at least daily.  I have a long-hair of my own who hates being combed and he will fight me and usually wins.  Not Moosie.  She ASKS to be combed and will present whatever part of her body she wants you to comb.  And sit there looking as pleased as can be.

We thought we could, with time and patience, teach Moosie to love when we heard about her mental condition.  We didn’t need to teach her.  She knows how and she wants to love.  I hope we can find her a wonderful place.

On October 19th I got this update:

The lovely girl is starting to get a little bored in her suite I think.    Unfortunately, letting her out into our houseful of cats would more than likely be a terrible idea.  She seems to have a lively intelligence.  I bought her a wand toy, which she promptly broke by chewing the string in half.  I found her a more sturdy toy to chase in her late mom’s vehicle… she was also a horse lady and had a riding crop in her car.  It’s flexible enough to be a pretty good chase toy.  I also bought her a laser pen (we own one but cannot find it).  But the pen didn’t work and I have to get back to the store to exchange it.  I have a feeling that’ll be a successful toy.

On October 20th I got this update:

Thank you both for  your continued efforts to find the home where Moosie can be an adored companion.

She continues to do well in our spare bedroom/bathroom.  She has been playing with assorted toys, and is fond of catnip.  I think she’s slightly bored at this point.  The bedroom has only two small windows near the ceiling (it’s in our finished basement) so it’s difficult to get up to them to have a look outside.  She has a lively intellect that we’re trying to find ways to stimulate.  She greets us at the door when we come down to feed her, clean her box or give her attention.  She looks happy and healthy.   I dearly wish we could keep her, but with some of the dominant personalities our cat family already has, I fear she’d regress into being a scared, bullied girl.  She deserves better than that.

I haven’t heard from anyone new inquiring about her.  I am still unable to get mail back to Julie in Maine.  Caboodle Ranch did write back to see what the status was, and I let them know we’re hoping to find her a home where she won’t be surrounded by other cats.  It is good to know that’s a backup just in case we don’t come up with anyone who is interested in adopting her.  I can see her continue to thrive with one-on-one love and attention.

We still have our chins up, and hope for the best!

Thanks again,
Becky & Moosie

Please share Moosie, share this post, steal this post, tell everyone you know…we really need to help her find the right retirement home.
If you run across someone that is interested in Moosie, send me the info here or email me at brianfrum (at) gmail (dot) com and I will put them in touch with Becky.  Thanks!

Remember, adopt Moosie, she deserves it!!!  Purrrrr! Zip! Later!



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47 thoughts on “Moosie Tuesday

  1. Kas

    OH Brian,

    She sounds like such a sweetie, if only we lived the the states and we had only a quiet cat (hmmm, not really a case with Smudge and Spider).

    WE will be purring all our positive purrs.

  2. diddleymaz

    purrs and prayers for this Kitty from us, if only…..but UK too far and we are quite a rowdy family!!

  3. Max the Quilt Cat


    I;m gonna be tweetin' peoples to your blog. You're right, we really need to get the word out about this sweet girl.


  4. Old Kitty

    Me and Charlie will be purring and purring and purring for her!! I'd adopt her in a second if only Charlie wasn't so alpha male and we weren't across the pond – but i'm sure Charlie will adapt asap cos he's lovely!! it's the across the pond that's the big problem!
    🙁 Poor Moosie!!!!

    Thanks for looking after her lovely Becky and thanks for the info gorgeous Brian!! Please adopt Moosie someone!! Thank you!!

    Take care

  5. Mr. Pip

    Hi – So, she is in Maine? I have family in New England and will forward this post to them. How sad …

    Thanks for sharing her story.

    Your pal, Pip

  6. Marg

    That poor kitty has has a terrible time. Thank heavens the sister in law at least took her for a little while. I will put this link to your blog on Facebook. We are crossing our paws that someone will take her.

  7. Cat

    Sweet Moosie, what an ordeal she has been through! I hope she can find a wonderful forever home with all the love she deserves!!!

  8. The Island Cats

    Aw, Moosie is a sweetheart! We sure hope she can find her furever home!

    She sounds a lot like our Zoey who also lives in a spare bedroom most of the time because she doesn't get along with us. And she looks a lot like Zoey too!

  9. Cat

    We wish we could help Moosie…since we can't do much from here, we are sending LOTS AND LOTS of purrs. Lautrec and Tiny and doggie Ellwood

  10. Admiral Hestorb

    She is the same age and condition (hyperthyroidism) as the Admiral and my heart just breaks for her. I identify with the condition as that is what me and the Admiral have dealt with for several years, and to think Moosie is waiting for a home..just breaks my heart, I hope she finds one… that poor sweet lady.

  11. Clarissa

    We are purring for this beautiful girl to find a new forever home. Our mom said she would take her if she could. But after reading about Moosie's background, we know she wouldn't fit in a house full of 15 cats. We will pass the word about her finding her a home.

  12. Caren Gittleman

    this post brought me to tears. What a gorgeous baby….I will spread the word to help get her adopted

  13. Boo-Bah

    Sweet Moosie. She is beautiful. I know she must be yearning to have a forever home. If she is a maine coon or even part maine coon she is truly a wonderful cat, ( of course all cats are wonderful)Maine Coons are so gentle and so loving. I had a part Maine Coon he lived to be 21 years and he was the most wonderful companion.
    I really hope she finds a home soon.

  14. Sammy and Andy

    We are purraying for Moosie; she sounds like a total sweetie and more than deserves a loving forever home. Mama is gonna try to get her on our FB page. Y'all are among the greatest and we luvs ya bunches.

  15. Whisppy

    I hope Moosie finds her forever home soon! I'm glad she was given a second chance to show her lovely true self…..

  16. Angel and Kirby

    WE are purring for her. WE took in Mac when my Mother passed so he would not be in the same situation. He has settled in very well.

  17. Jacqueline

    Best of luck to beautiful Moosie; we will purr for her to find the purrfect loving home asap…She seems like a total sweetheart…xoxo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  18. ♥I am Holly♥

    Moosie is such a beautiful kitty. I know she has been through a rough time losing her entire family. That is so sad. I hope someone is able to adopt her and give her a great furever home. She deserves it. Lots of love, Holly and mom

  19. Hyacinth

    Sweet little Moosie…she sounds like an absolute love…hope she can find a wonderful forever home soon.

  20. 3 doxies

    Oh WOW…what a most horrible thing…loosing her brudder AND a momma. I sure hopes Moosie can find a loving home dat will be goods and help her adapt. Dis is so sad.


  21. Sagira

    I hope that she finds a great forever home. To not have my humans anymore would be heart breaking. 🙁

  22. Junior and Orion

    We wondered waht was happening with Moosie, thank you for the update. We sure wish we could take her, but us boys would be a bother to her. We will keep purring for her to find a great home soon!

  23. The Teacher's Pets

    How sad that sweet Moosie lost her human mom and her cat brother! Moosie must be so confused and constantly wondering where her loved ones are right now! I will pass the info along although I am in NH and kinda far from DC but you never know….someone on my FB page might live nearby!
    Thanks for your comment about our tabby's love of leaves…I loved your "turning a new leaf" slogan…wish I'd thought to title my post with that!

  24. Hilary

    Oh how sad… I feel so sorry for that beautiful sweet girl. I hope she finds a home and gets the love she deserves

  25. Cloon

    Brian you rock! Thanks for helping Moosie. My Human & I will send special blessings and thoughts her way. We'z partial to Maine Coons…

  26. Tamago

    It is so sad that she lost her mom and brother….but your blog sure will help her. I hope it will be very soon that she can find her new wonderful home.

  27. Siku Marie, White Dog

    Moosie deserves a loving forever home that isn't stressful…we will put out the word.

  28. Cara n Crew

    We've seen Moosies' story on the CB and it breaks our mom's heart. Thanks for getting the word out Brian. Purrs for Moosie to find a loving home soon!

    -Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  29. meowmeowmans

    That is so sad. We are purring and praying that Moosie finds a home real soon. I will put it on Facebook!

  30. Shawn Becker

    What a sad story, poor Moosie must be heartbroken!
    I will spread the word in my end of the country and let you know if I hear anything!

    Chloe and Cecil

  31. Teri and the cats of Furrydance

    Oh Moosie…a sad story for sure but so fortunate that you were rescued and treated kindly and are showing your sweetness now. We are purring up a storm of positivity for just the right home to come along for you!

  32. Cokie the Cat

    Hi Brian, Thank you for this post and all the updates. I hope someone nabs this sweet girl soon!

  33. Everycat

    Have Fb'd for Moosie. What a dear cat, and great human she has caring for her now. Roll on a home for Moosie!


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