T.G.I.F. – Turkey, Giblets

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Special thanks to Ann at Zoolatry for the beautiful Christmas header!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, we sure did!  Today T.G.I.F. means Turkey, Giblets, Is Finished!!!


Sister Gracie might have overindulged just a bit, but hey, Thanksgiving only comes once a year.  We had such a wonderful time with our Grandma and Mom’s Sister-In-Law and needless to say there was lots and lots of yummy stuff.  Now it’s time to get ready for Christmas, but since our tree is already up I guess it must be time to get our shopping done.  But I think that is a task for another day because I think we’re all just going to catch a snooze and watch some of those football games on TV, sort of like we did yesterday!

Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!  Purrrr! Zip! Later!

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43 thoughts on “T.G.I.F. – Turkey, Giblets

  1. CindyLu's Muse

    LOL…a mere glance at the photo and I felt an instant connection! Gracie sure is not alone today:)

    Have a wonderful, relaxing, and (hopefully) favorite-team-winning+leftovers kind of day!

  2. Catherine

    So glad you had a lovely Thanksgiving. Less then a month until Christmas ~ there's always so much to do isn't there? Hope you get some extra snoozing in this weekend! 🙂
    xo Catherine

  3. Old Kitty

    Awww lovely Gracie!!! Me and Charlie are so glad you had a fantastic thanksgiving dinner! Yum!!! We're glad too that you spent it with your gorgeous family!!!

    We are also waving to adorable Brian, Zoe, Sascha and Dolly!! Take care

  4. Marg

    Sister Gracie, you look like I feel. I bet you will take naps all day with all that company and food. Glad you had such a good day.
    Take care and have a really restful day.

  5. Mango

    I think sister Gracie might have swallowed a squash or something. She looks kind of beached. Rest up from your wonderful day.


  6. Hannah and Lucy

    Sister Gracie it looks as though you enjoyed your turkey yesterday.
    You lopk so cute propped up in the corner of your chair.
    We hope you all had a great day.

  7. diddleymaz

    Loving the chubbudy wubbdy tum tum
    just like Commies!
    Its snowing heavily here in the UK and very cold so all my pets are snoozing by the fire or on a bed!

  8. ♥I am Holly♥

    We love your new header! It is so pretty! Gracie, you look like you just had a really great meal and are getting comfortable and probably ready for a nap! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  9. GRAÇA

    Brian!quantos dias vosse esteve sem comer???para depois comer tudo e ficar com essa barrigota….
    Não te esquessas de mandar a carta para o sorteio de Natal
    Mail é:graca_m_dias@sapo.pt
    Turrinhas e um bom fim de semana

  10. Cat

    Your header looks great 🙂

    Gracie might have to do a few laps around the living room to work off all her turkey!!! Glad to hear you had such a nice thanksgiving>

  11. Caren Gittleman

    your new header is just fabulous!! I love it!

    Look at that belleh!!!
    I bet there is lots of turkey in there!!!!

    Soooo cute!

  12. Penny

    yesterday, I ate and rested then got up[ and ate some more then rested and so on. Such a nice way to spend a holiday.

    Glad you guys had such a great day as well.


  13. Siku Marie, White Dog

    Overindulging is hard work! Rest up and regain your strength… there are still Christmas and lots of holiday parties and New Year's Eve…

  14. Beth

    Goodness, Gracie! That is how I felt too! I don't even want to step on the scale! Love your new header. Ann did a super job!
    Blessings, Beth

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