Purrs for Rudy

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Please stop by and leave lots of purrs and love for our pal Rudy .

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25 thoughts on “Purrs for Rudy

  1. cats of wildcat woods

    Purring. We left a note that our Al had that too and was fine after taking the meds.

  2. Teri and the cats of Furrydance

    We went to purr there and left a couple of links so they can learn more about it…and told them lots of cats at the cat hospital where I work have it and respond to the doxy and get well…

  3. ♥I am Holly♥

    Thanks for letting us know. We will be purring and praying for Rudy. Lots of love, Holly and mom

  4. diddleymaz

    You are sweet Brian always thinking about other kitties, I stopped by Rudy's.
    On a lighter note put some Christmas lights around the house today, Commie played with tinsel and Blanco stared at the light.

  5. Admiral Hestorb

    Oh no, Brian. Is Rudy taken very sick..sicker than he was? I will go straight there and then me and mommy will stop everything to purr and pray. We understand.

  6. Caren Gittleman

    I just met Rudy today but I definitely went and left him some purrs. I hope he gets better very, very soon!

  7. Spitty-the-Kitty

    I will purr my very hardest for Rudy.

    My Human is currently broken–she haz teh sick and is no fun. Sorry if I have been a little scarce–HER fawlt!

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