T.G.I.F. – Two Girls

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Maybe it’s because there are holidays coming but for some reason this week really flew by.  Friday, it’s Friday!  Today T.G.I.F. means Two Girls Illuminating Foyer…


Sisters Dolly and Sascha just seem to light up everything!  They seem to be getting along quite well too, sometimes laying very, very close to each other.  They haven’t actually snuggled yet, but hey, who knows. 

Have y’all had any bad winter weather yet?  I know some of my pals have had snow and some have had to deal with bad storms and even tornado and flooding.  I sure do hope the weather is being nice to you and I’ve been thinking about all my friends that have had the rough stuff.  We had tornado warnings the other night too and Dad gathered all the carriers and put them in our bathroom in case we had to grab a safe spot quickly.  Fortunately nothing came of it but a little bit south of us got tore up pretty bad.  It’s been pretty cold in the south, we got down below freezing the other night and just thinking about it makes my whiskers shiver!

So what’s up with you this weekend?  We’re just planning on keeping warm and hopefully we’ll be having our Grandma visit too.  Please be safe this weekend whatever you end up doing!

Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!  Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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48 thoughts on “T.G.I.F. – Two Girls

  1. Catherine

    The month of December does seem to be a good month for love! You know we've had some bad weather, but at least our tornado season was short this year ~ hope all you kitties stay safe!

    Happy Weekend!
    xo Catherine

  2. Old Kitty

    Awww beautiful sisters Dolly and Sascha!! You are both dazzling in your beauty!!! Me and Charlie are so happy seeing you two together getting close! Yay!

    We also hope and pray that everyone the world over having bad mad weather are ok!! We are lucky here where we are – the snow isn't so bad and things are just ticking over. But we think of all those unable to have a warm home too.

    Have a great weekend lovely Brian and adorable Zoe and Gracie! Take care

  3. AFSS

    It is cold here (well for us) but the bad weather has missed us. We thinks Dolly & Sascha will be snuggling in no time, especially if it stays cold. You should have seen Scylla and Arty the other night, they looked like ONE cat with TWO heads.

  4. The Island Cats

    We're glad to hear the girls are getting along okay! We hope you have a great weekend and the bad weather stays away!!

  5. Hilary

    The girls are so pretty! I love the way you love your sisters. You are a very good brother. We are having a very surprisingly warm winter so far. I am loving it… but I am afraid the unseasonable temperature are short lived, and that old man winter will make up for it with a vengeance!

  6. "The Boys" and Karen

    Looks like the girls have their spots picked already for the weekend.

    Love their floof!

    "The Boys" and I will stay inside this weekend, as we are to get snow today and tomorrow.

  7. Marg

    Sisters Sascha and Dolly, you really do light up the room. We are doing just like you and trying to stay warm. It is cold right now. We are just doing Christmas stuff this week end. Getting stuff ready to mail. Have a great weekend.

  8. Cara n Crew

    Sisters Dolly and Sascha are looking lovely :). So nice that they are getting on better. Our mom says the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is like a time warp but to us Christmas can't come fast enough! It's been cold here and now it's rainy- we'll have a nice weekend snuggling and staying warm. Enjoy yours!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  9. Cory

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend! We're hoping to get our tree and start bringing out the decorations for whapping!

  10. Hannah and Lucy

    Both Sister Sascha and Sister Dolly have beautiful floofy coats. When it's chilly it must be really cosy being sandwiched in between them.

  11. Mr. Pip

    Looks like the girls are getting along very well! We are getting our tree this weekend. It will be my feline sister Rosie's first tree with us – hopefully, she behaves herself …

    Your pal, Pip

  12. Sammy and Andy

    YAY and we are purring that Sasha and Dolly continue to bond and that they will soon be snuggling with each other.

    Andy had an adventure last night….he spent the night out on the town…..somehow he got shut out on the balcony all night. Mama thought it was strange he wasn't on her bed at all last night, and just figured that he had found a good hidey hole….but when he wasn't there when she woke this morning she went looking for him. He was patiently standing at the door waiting to be let in!!!!!!! It doesn't seem to have bothered him at all that he had to spend the night out!!!!!!!!!!


  13. JB's Big and Small Worlds

    They are surely illuminating! Funny, they are kinda like our CocoBean and Gaia. Always sort of having a stand off! No snuggling here either.

  14. Embee Cavaliers

    Very pretty girls! Enjoy your Friday. It has been very cold and wintery here the past few days. I suppose I shouldn't complain as it is southern Ontario in December! Have a wonderful weekend.

  15. Raymond and Busby

    You sure do have purty sisters Brian!
    Our weather has been very cold, especially for this part of California. We even had three nights of frost last week. Brrr! We plan to do more Christmas decorating this weekend. We also plan to see our Grandma. Have a good weekend Brian and family!

  16. Random Felines

    Those are some good looking girls! It is COLD here but the snow hasn't stuck yet…they are saying maybe 1-2 inches tomorrow. brrr We will be hiding under the covers, but mom is taking the kittens to an adoption event.

  17. Admiral Hestorb

    You two girls would light up any place that was lucky enough to have you.

    Mommy says it's cold but sunny, No bad weather yet.

  18. Cheysuli and gemini

    We had snow before Thanksgiving out here! But we snuggled down in the blankets and kept warm

  19. Katnip Lounge

    All that floof really DOES light up the place!
    We've had unseasonably cold weather and WIND…even a little rain. Mommy is all grumpy about it!

  20. ♥I am Holly♥

    Both of you are so beautiful, you have to light up the place!! We haven't gotten anything but lots of rain and cold but they are saying something about a clipper tomorrow….which means mom will stay in the house for sure! Have a great weekend! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  21. The Golden Eagle

    They're beautiful kitties. 🙂

    We haven't got any serious weather yet, just some snow on the grass.

    Have a great weekend!

  22. CCL Wendy

    Even if they don't snuggle close yet, it's obvious that Sister Sascha and Sister Dolly have an understanding between them. Maybe the Christmas spirit will move them to get closer.

  23. ABBY

    Our December has been soooo cold. Colder than anything we've experienced so far and it's here to stay for awhile. Mom has to do some Christmas stuff this weekend, she is shocked that it's only 22 days away. EEK that is 3 weeks. Enjoy your weekend!

  24. Angel and Kirby

    Ti is good that they are getting closer to each other. We had 75 and sun today. Expecting freezing tomorrow!

  25. Anita

    We also have had storms and strong winds but we be been sure in home.

    Thanks for your visit an be safe please.

  26. Eric and Flynn

    It is good to see the ladies are getting on together. We have only had a slight dusting of snow here but it is very cold and hasn't got above freezing all week.

  27. Caren Gittleman

    glad you were safe from the tornadoes!! I heard about those and they are soooo scary!

    We have just been super cold. 20s and 30s….just snow flurries….nothing sticking…yet!

    Have a wonderful weekend!
    I have to read a book for my blog on Monday….and some chores and that is it…have a great weekend!

  28. Sparkle

    We had a cold snap (for California, which means lows into the 30s) and some rain, but that's it, so we have been having a pretty easy time compared to the rest of the US. I have never seen or even been near a tornado – they sound scary!

  29. Ann Best

    Such beautiful sisters! They look so purr-fect together.

    And thank you, Brian, for your lovely comments to me and Jen. We hope ALL of you enjoy December. No snow yet in Harrisonburg, Virginia, but they're predicting snow flurries next week. Ah, if we only had a fireplace!! In the absence of furry companions, THAT would make for purr-fect evenings.

  30. Siku Marie, White Dog

    Stay warm and cuddle for warmth (as well as loving)! Hope your weather calms down and that you have a great weekend. NipFest?

  31. Au and Target

    Oh yeah stay indoors and run wild games up and down those stairs. Maybe a slide down the banister too?

  32. Susan Fields

    I hope you all have fun with Grandma this weekend! I was supposed to go Christmas shopping with some friends tomorrow, but I'm sick so I can't go. 🙁

  33. Sharon K. Mayhew

    Dolly and Sascha are so beautiful! They must love being brushed. 🙂

    We've been waiting for the first snow storm of the year to arrive all day. I was supposed to start 9 hours ago??? I have a sneaky feeling we are missing out.

    Have a great weekend!

  34. tahtimbo

    Hopefully, Dolly and Sascha will become good friends. If they lay close to each other, that's a good sign. I bet they are a blast to brush 🙂
    We've had some cold, snowy weather, but there seems to be a break coming in the next few days.
    That is a great idea to have carriers ready in case of an emergency. Ours is buried in the garage, so I think I'll get it out and make sure it is easily assessable. Thankfully, we do not have to worry about tornadoes, but there are other emergencies which can occur and it's best to be prepared. Thank you for the idea…it never occurred to me.

    Stay safe and have a great weekend!

  35. Carolyon

    Oooo… Sounds like you guys have got some wild weather! Down here in NZ, it's summer so I'm just trying to stay cool.

  36. Pepi

    Hi my little friend Brian,
    I loved the ><(((º> goldfish
    Have a nice caturday
    Lots of love from
    Xixo and Pepi

  37. Sagira

    Hope that you were able to keep your Grandma warm this weekend. 🙂

    I took a picture with my kitty sister Akira for you. Will post it this week. 🙂

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